did you say … eccentric?

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+ Reading comprehension + Work in pairs & communicate orally + Attitude towards weird habits in the USA

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Did you say … eccentric?. Activity HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SOPHIE. + Reading comprehension + Work in pairs & communicate orally + Attitude towards weird habits in the USA. Vocabulary:. Vocabulary:. agafar (un objecte). fatigat, cansat. perdre el temps, gandulejar. sucre glassejat en un pastís. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • + Reading comprehension

    + Work in pairs & communicate orally

    + Attitude towards weird habits in the USA

  • icinggathergrabgloppypoopedbakeryloitercoddlingstand-inslobberpotty trainingpitter-patterspouse
  • sucre glassejat en un pasts

    reunir (-se)

    agafar (un objecte)

    Viscs, xicls

    fatigat, cansat

    forn de pa (+ pastisseria)

    perdre el temps, gandulejar

    mimos, cures mimoses, mimitos



    aprendre a fer pipi

    repiqueteo, sorollet de cops

    cnjuge, consort

    icinggathergrabgloppypoopedbakeryloitercoddlingstand-inslobberpotty trainingpitter-patterspouse
  • icingsucre glassejat en un pastsgatherreunir (-se)grabagafar (un objecte)gloppyViscs, xiclspoopedfatigat, cansatbakeryforn de pa (+ pastisseria)loiterperdre el temps, gandulejarcoddlingmimos, cures mimoses, mimitosstand-insuplentslobberbabejarpotty trainingaprendre a fer pipipitter-patterrepiqueteo, sorollet de copsspousecnjuge, consort
  • Activity 1: Look at the headline and read (or listen to) paragraph 1.

    What seems to be going on?

    a girls birthday party

    a wedding ceremony

    a cake competition

  • It ___________ that a little girl called Sophie is celebrating her 4th birthday by eating cake and ____________, singing and opening __________ with a friend called Duncan, a group of other little ____________ and some adults.

    The homemade cake with red icing, the camera, the birthday song, the fact Duncan takes food from another guests plate, the opening of gifts by the girl all of this ________ the reader think the article is about ___________.

    Complete the text with the suitable words from the box:







    children ice-cream makes seems gifts guests
  • What is actually taking place?

    (choose the right option)

    Actually, a girl called Sophie (and her parents) has organised a birthday party.

    Actually, Sophie and Duncan (and half of the other guests) are not children but dogs.

    Actually, Sophie and Duncan are 4-year-old children.

    Nowadays, Sophie and Duncan are not children but dogs.

  • What is the meaning of the expression a party animal in line 9?

    it means a party for animals, where the guests are animals (pets).

    its a word game; meaning a person who is used to going to a lot of parties.

    its a word game; meaning a person who organises parties.

  • Activity 4: Find 4 names of places in paragraph 2.


    Hong Kong


  • in paragraph 2.

    Write full sentences. Describe (& sum up):

    She has just arrived in Seattle.

    She has spent a few years in Hong Kong.

    A great number of Americans treat their dogs like kings.

    Asian people prefer to cook and eat dog rather than stroke it.

    She is stunned by the contrast in the treatment of dogs shown

    in the two regions of the world.

    the journalists recent life:the cultural differences she observes:her reaction:
  • Activity 5: Read paragraph 3. What has changed for dogs in America?

    Write notes:


    master bedroom

    Sleep in same bed

    Owner takes allergy pills !!


    dressed in tuxedoes

    Halloween party

    Dressed as dragon

    Eat luxury food

    Expensive gifts

    Chinese medicine

    Vitamin supplements

    looked after by people with M.A.s in educational


    Home lifeFestivitiesMedical and psychological treatments
  • Its no longer ___________ correct to call the person to whom the dog belongs owner of the dog, because dogs are referred to as __________.

    The journalist explains that this need to consider ones pets as ones family is no doubt _________the fact that more and more Americans are __________ they are staying _____or have decided not to have children.

    Complete the text with the suitable words from the box:



    due to



    childless family politically due to single
  • Activity 7: Which family members can dogs replace?


    They are pleasant to look at!

    They show a lot of affection

    Dogs have similar habits!

    Husbands or wives!!

    They can help people to overcome sadness!

  • Activity 8: Whats the link between the radio programme

    (mentioned at the end of the text) and the end of the text?

    Match the parts of the sentences:

    The very humanis revealed.The dogs very human need for of the radio programme.The reader thinks human beings are the subjectmedical treatment in order to keep calm.Gradually, the dogs identityname of the dog (Emily)
  • Identify the type of document, the author and the source of the text.

    This document is an article published in the magazine Newsweek on the 13th of January 2003. The author of the article is unknown.

    The article is illustrated with a photograph; it is an advertisement for Visa Gold which is a bank card. It is an ad because we can see the logo in the top right-hand corner and a slogan at the bottom.

  • Activity 9: Read the slogan at the bottom of the photo. How can you link it with the text? Explain its double meaning.

    Firstly, it means that people with money can do as they wish.

    Secondly, even if they are not rich, people who have the Visa Gold card can do exactly what they want.

  • What do you think about these weird attitudes?