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The x10 presentation of culture portal of TELDAP, Taiwan for Culturemondo Roundtable Cinq-A-Sept Session, Dec. 10th-12th, 2008.


  • 1. Taiwan e-Learning & Digital Archives Program, TELDAP +886-2-27883799-1562 The Culture Portal of

2. the work we do [1] Integrate digital collections & their metadata of Taiwans culture & heritage institutions, e.g. museums, libraries and archives, on one single presentation platform 3. the work we do [2] Produce multimedia web titles to demonstrate the variety of educational & commercial applications of those collections in Taiwanese cultural creative industry 4. the work we do [3] Develop the ontology of Taiwanese digital culture & heritage collections to construct the knowledge web Preserve the websites of TELDAP projects 5. the place/context we work in [1] Utilize OAI-PMH protocol to harvest collections information on Union Catalog Integrate multi-disciplinary data with Dublin Core Present digital collections in text, image, audio & video 6. the place/context we work in [2] Comic - 2009 Creative Comic Collection Short Animation - Zeelandia 1661 Interactive Game - TD templeTaiwan indigenous peoples traditional technics saga 7. the place/context we work in [3] Research & develop digital archive / knowledge web technologies Automatic annotation and tagging system for traditional Chinese phrases Provide IT services for collaborative digital archives & e-Learning projects on TELDAP, the integrated platform Site-mirroring service Indexed data caching service 8. the problems our organization faces [1] The integration works of various forms of data and metadata from multiple disciplines crossing culture & heritage sector 9. the problems our organization faces [2] Balance between aesthetics, creativity, and professional knowledge in web title production 10. the problems our organization faces [3] Complicated IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) controversies Prevailing IPR concepts are partial / uncompleted Alternative cultural / social systems, e.g. aboriginal cultural conventions of property ownership, are conicted with mainstream legal system Information literacy issues on IPR topics for data providers, audience, and portal designers