Digital Badges for Non-Credit Workforce Development

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1. Lesley Voigt Program Director for Badge Initiative Madison College (608) 616-1044 Digital Badges for Workforce Development: A Case Study at Madison College Kathleen Radionoff Dean of Continuing Education Madison College (608) 258-2309 2. Overview Role of noncredit in workforce development Why Badges? Implementation of Badges at Madison College Lessons Learned/Recommendations 3. Lessons Learned from Continuing Education and Why it Matters Online programs were first tested in continuing education at many schools. Continuing education programs have been serving adult and non-traditional learners long before they became the majority of higher education students. The financial model for continuing education forced these programs to be self-sustaining and market-driven well before the current budget/tuition crisis hit the rest of higher education. (Hampton, 2014 continuing-education-part-1 ) 4. Why Badges? Assessment of noncredit learning outcomes Employer needs Noncredit to credit pathway Programming shift Competition 5. Implementation of Badges at Madison College Improved learner outcomes through assessment Linked to certification, educational, & professional standards Technology sourcing 6. 2012-13 Badge Pilot Program selection Criteria Designing the Badges Individual topics Master badges Program completion 7. Outcomes Standardize non-credit classes Guarantee skills/knowledge learned Credit programs will allow credit transfers of badged classes Business/Industry will ask to see proof of resume claims 8. 1st badge in the series to earn the Food Service Management 1 course completion badge. (This image is what the issuer would see.) 9. The email that the student receives upon earning a badge 10. Within the Acclaim system, what the student sees upon clicking view this and your other accepted badges from the previous email 11. Student badge detailed information, also how a student would share their badge(s) 12. Sharing Badges Earned 13. Completing the Circle Develop Business Plan Create Badges Issue/Earn Badges Share Badges Reporting & Accountability 14. Lessons Learned/Recommendations Develop your badge instructional strategy What is your badge business model Resources Faculty buy-in Employer buy-in Scaling up your badge program 15. Market strategies for badge roll-out 16. Our Future All professional development classes/programs will be badged Badges will be offering to employers who use customized training from our unit Create specialized badged classes for business/industry Continue to inform/educate/market to employers


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