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Talk presented on, June 2013 Lisa Dawley, CEO, GoGo Labs Julie Stratton, Cape May County Technical High School


1. Digital Badges:Lessons LearnedDr. Lisa Dawley, GoGo LabsJulie Stratton, Cape May County Technical High School 2. Badges video 3. Visit a Mozilla Backpack 4. Nine Principles for RecognizingLearning with BadgesAndi Rehak & Dan Hickey 5. 1. Use badges to map learning trajectories 6. 2. Align badges to standards 7. 3. Have experts issue badges 8. 4. Seek external backing 9. 5. Recognize diverse learning 10. 6. Use badges as meansof externalcommunication ofknowledge and/orskills.7. Make badgespermanent.8. Recognize educatorlearning, as well.9. Award formalacademic credit forbadges. 11. Quest-Based ProfessionalDevelopment 12. How I Used Planet Stewardsand Digital Badges 13. Environmental Literacy elective courseo Face-to-face deliveryo 19 seniors and 1 junioro Open delivery over two weekso Students could complete any quest, had to obtain XP levels for grade 14. What this class is saying about 15. What this class is sayingaboutFavoriteReply of theweek 16. Oceanographyo taken as an elective or science lab courseo Online only deliveryo Mix of 10 12th grade 16 total studentso Structured delivery over 7 weeks with weekly expectationso Specific pathway focus Marine Biologist, some quests required, studentsallowed to choose some quests 17. Student Wiki forMitigation Plan forBeluga Whale 18. Student Wiki forMitigation Plan forRinged Seal 19. Lessons Learned DigitalBadges Many students are not used to being self-driven build towards this goal Students like the ability to use different formats tosubmit work Students have short patience/attention span Digital Badges give authenticity to myclassroom, students can see links outside ofclassroom