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Talk presented on, June 2013 Lisa Dawley, CEO, GoGo Labs Julie Stratton, Cape May County Technical High School


  • 1. Digital Badges:Lessons LearnedDr. Lisa Dawley, GoGo LabsJulie Stratton, Cape May County Technical High School
  • 2. Badges video
  • 3. Visit a Mozilla Backpack
  • 4. Nine Principles for RecognizingLearning with BadgesAndi Rehak & Dan Hickey
  • 5. 1. Use badges to map learning trajectories
  • 6. 2. Align badges to standards
  • 7. 3. Have experts issue badges
  • 8. 4. Seek external backing
  • 9. 5. Recognize diverse learning
  • 10. 6. Use badges as meansof externalcommunication ofknowledge and/orskills.7. Make badgespermanent.8. Recognize educatorlearning, as well.9. Award formalacademic credit forbadges.
  • 11. Quest-Based ProfessionalDevelopment
  • 12. How I Used Planet Stewardsand Digital Badges
  • 13. Environmental Literacy elective courseo Face-to-face deliveryo 19 seniors and 1 junioro Open delivery over two weekso Students could complete any quest, had to obtain XP levels for grade
  • 14. What this class is saying about
  • 15. What this class is sayingaboutFavoriteReply of theweek
  • 16. Oceanographyo taken as an elective or science lab courseo Online only deliveryo Mix of 10 12th grade 16 total studentso Structured delivery over 7 weeks with weekly expectationso Specific pathway focus Marine Biologist, some quests required, studentsallowed to choose some quests
  • 17. Student Wiki forMitigation Plan forBeluga Whale
  • 18. Student Wiki forMitigation Plan forRinged Seal
  • 19. Lessons Learned DigitalBadges Many students are not used to being self-driven build towards this goal Students like the ability to use different formats tosubmit work Students have short patience/attention span Digital Badges give authenticity to myclassroom, students can see links outside ofclassroom


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