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Presentation given at NERCOMP Gameful Learning Professional Development workshop, September 2014. This presentation explored some aspects of applying a gamification framework toa Graduate Instructional Design course, and the initial application of digital badges to this course.


  • 1. Digital BadgesThe case of INSDSG 619also available on SlideShareApostolos Koutropoulos, MBA, MSIT, MEd, MA

2. AgendaGamification Framework Framework & the semester schedule Digital Badges for INSDSG 619/684 Badges How it worked out Future steps 3. Ground RuleQuestions? Ask!No need to wait until the end.If there is something I will get to at a later point inthe presentation I will let you know 4. Gamification Framework1 2Early LateOnboardingEarly LateMidgame3 4Endgame Everlasting Epicwinblog 5. Framework applied 619 (retcon)Week 0Week 1Welcoming remarks,Initial overview,Introductions, PrimingWeek 2Week 3Review &foundation settingWeek 4~Week 9Core Design ContentWeek 10~Week 12Teaching,Implementation,Peer ReviewWeek 13 Wrap-upEarly OnboardingLate OnboardingMidgameEndgame?Add/DropEnds 6. What was useful, with little modificationGamification Mechanics 7. Mechanics used (Level 1)Early Onboarding 8. Mechanics used (Level 2)Late Onboarding 9. Mechanics used (Level 3)Early Midgame 10. Mechanics used (Level 4)Late Midgame 11. Mechanics used (Level 5)Endgame 12. Mechanics used (Level 6)Everlasting Experience 13. Can someone define a badge?Badges 14. Why Badges?1. Very specific recognition2. Motivation to produce better final projects 15. Known BadgesLMS Initiate Design Competition 16. (Discovered) Easter Egg BadgesNo Walled GardensLeft:Discussion InitiatorDiscussion KindlerHelping HandRight:Sharing is caringBeyond the courseBug Squasher 17. (undiscovered) Easter Egg BadgesBeyond the Basics 18. Some figures: Easter Eggs14/17 (82%) opted to participate in the experimentNo Walled Gardens 8 57%Discussion Initiator 2 14%Discussion Kindler 5 36%Helping Hand 10 71%Sharing is Caring 9 64%Bug Squasher 4 29%Beyond the Course 11 79% 19. Some figures: CompetitionBadge ActivityGold 365Silver 15Bronze 56 20. Lessons LearnedWriting testimonials, and providing evidence, forbehavioral badges is tough! Most Easter Eggs revealed after week 6 (latemidgame) Generally speaking: Students who earned badgesliked the recognition however no significant boostin motivation. For the most part: knowing that peers would bevoting on the final project encouraged student toup their game when designing their final project. 21. Possible Future Directions Rethink current assignments Start from scratch with most Use badges instead of grades Improve Midgame experience Student Sourced Badges Create an Open Course Engage alumni mentors Enhance Level 6 mechanics 22. Discussion 23. Epic Win Blog for GamificationMechanics