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Originally presented at TechConnect 2.0 conference in Mountain View, CA on 4/7/14.


<ul><li> | | @mediacause DIGITAL COMMUNITY BUILDING FOR NONPROFITS Eric Facas @ericfacas Michelle Thai @michellethai </li></ul> <p>2. Community Building &amp; Essential Tools 1. Community Building 101 2. Community Building Tools Google Ad Grants Email List Social Networks Website/Blog @mediacause 3. What Is Digital Community Building? @mediacause 4. Quick Poll A. 1 B. 2 C.3 D.More than 3 How many interactions does your nonprofit typically have with donors before asking them to give? @mediacause 5. How Not To Do Community Building You dont ask for a donation within the 1 minute of meeting someone. Why do so many nonprofit do that online? @mediacause 6. Community Building Vs Advertising Advertising is expensive $1 Cost per Click 5% Conversion Rate 1 X 100 X .05 = 5 $100 to reach 100 people $20 to drive 1 important action @mediacause 7. The Power of Community | | @mediacause Single Tweets go unheard but thousands can start a revolution 8. Want to know the secret to successful community building? 9. Review and prioritize your GOALS before starting The COMMUNITIES GOALS are more important than yours. But dont forget 10. How It Works 1. Get permission to continue the conversation 2. Connect on issues the community cares about 3. Share content that informs and inspires 4. Celebrate wins and progress together 5. Ask for participation @mediacause 11. Community Building In Action Meet New Supporters: Grow Community Engagement: Focus On Community Goals Active Community of Supporters -- Driving Org Goals RSS (blog) Social Content Email &amp; Newsletter Google Ad Grants Shared Content &amp; Social Ads Blog (seo) 12. Community Building &amp; Essential Tools 1. Community Building 101 2. Community Building Tools Google Ad Grants Email List Social Networks Website/Blog @mediacause 13. Program Overview $10,000/mo free ad credit on $2 max cost per click Ads shown below paid ads 1000s of new potential supporters on your website each month Sign up IMMEDIATELY at Google Ad Grants @mediacause 14. @mediacause Your #1 Goal is Donations, but 15. Before: Traffic to Homepage 0 newsletter signups 0 donations After: 1 Year 15,000 emails collected Email List Building with Google Ads @mediacause 16. Community Building With Email Tips: Dont forget to thanks and welcome supporters Remember to focus on the communities goals Over 50% of emails in 2013 were open on a mobile phone (use responsive templates &amp; mobile friendly donation tools) @mediacause 17. The secret to building community: ENGAGEMENT Facebook: likes, comments, and shares Twitter: retweets and replies Email: open rate, clicks, forwards Blog: subscriptions, comments, and shares Community Building With Social Media @mediacause 18. Tip #1. Leverage High-Arousal Emotions Physiologically high arousal emotions fire people up. They drive people to action and spread the word: Awe Excitement Anger Amusement HumorLearn more: @mediacause 19. Tip #2. Share Content That Achieves Communitys Goals Futures Without Violence Audience size 37,579 Post reach 89,984 @mediacause 20. Tip #3. Share Progress &amp; Victories Water4 Audience size 2,435 Post reach 14,336 @mediacause 21. Tip #4. Encourage Participation Cornell Labs weekly quizzes help maintain its audience engagement at 50% @mediacause 22. Community Building With Blogging Tips: Focus on your communities goals Do your SEO keyword research Use titles that draw readers in Make it easy to subscribe, share, and comment @mediacause 23. Case Study: Cornell Lab Fundraiser Email Subscribers: Reach 31,043 Donors 5 Facebook Fans: Reach 46,533 Donors 9 BOTH: Reach 24,160 Donors 19 @mediacause 24. Thank You! Learn More: Email: | | @mediacause Questions? </p>