digital divide. world mobile digital divide increasingly growing digital divide construction

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Digital Divide Digital Divide

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Digital Divide

Digital DivideDigital DivideDigital Divide

The digital divide refers to the gap between individuals, households, businesses and geographic areas at different socio-economic levels with regard both to their opportunities to access information and communications technologies (ICTs) and to their use of the Internet for a wide variety of activities

(Digital Divide) (Information Rich) (Information Poor) .


World Mobile Digital Divide


IncreasinglygrowingdigitaldivideConstructionIn these charts, the digital divide is calculated by dividing the penetration rates in the developed world byThe penetration rate in the developing world. Penetration rates are reounded, whereas the digital divide is calculated based onActual nember.for this reason, the digital divide results do no t always correspond to the figures indicated in the gragh4Construction



World Digital Divide Plan

USARealization ofdigitalopportunities InformationLiteracyforthe vulnerable Low-incomeandruralresidents'support forinformation and communicationcharges

ENGLAND Buildingsupportin rural areasthe information superhighway Ensureaccessibilityforthe disabledandelderly Buildlocal accesscenter

(Digital Inclusion) , . , , .

20% 20% . ,, . , . (Barrier) .

. , 6,000 UK Online Center2,000 Learndirect Center .

6Mobile Digital DivideIn Korea

Ordinary people

DisabledLow income peopleUsing rate of Smartphone Allthe peopleinthephone, assuming100%utilizationwith disabilities10.3% and12.2%forlow-incomephoneusersuseonly.

On 29March 2011'2010disabilitiesinKoreaInformationAgencysurveyinformation gap'and the'2010Survey ofIncomeInformationGap'reportswerepresented2011 3 29 '2010 ' '2010 '


Mobile Digital DivideIn KoreaThe burden of the cost of purchase and use of

Difficulty using

People with disabilitiesdo notuse thephonebecausethe biggest'do not knowif you candoto a smartphonebecause(33.1%)wereinvestigated..In contrast,thelow-income'bythe payment of expenses(47.6%)was the highest.Byenvironmentalfactors,saysthat it doesnot use


Mobile Digital DivideIn KoreaSocial straggling feeling degreeDifficulty usingLow income people40.5%of persons with disabilities,37.3 percentoflow-income, depending onthephonefornon-feelingwasa sense ofthe socialfall by the wayside.'mobiledivide'age groupoverthearea andis beingappliedtovariousmarginalized groups. 40.5%, 37.3% . ' ' . 9


Smartphone subcidize for using feeSmartphone education ' ' ' ' . ' ' .10Mobile Digital Divide In YN

HypothesisDigital divideiscausedby the phone

ResultsYeungnamUniversity,200 studentsenrolled13

ResultsYeungnamUniversity,200 studentsenrolled14


ConclusionYeungnamuniversity studentsasour hypothesis thatasmartphonewithout Therapeuticinformationgap,whetherbyuserespectively. ?

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16PlanGovernmentsupport(subsidies,communication feebilldiscount)

Localsupport(exYeungnamUniversitysmartphonesubsidies,scholarshipsto smart phones)

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