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Digital (+Life) Hacks Lightning RoundsContent Camp + PodCamp Philly 2015

In the spirit of the day, were here to collaborate.

To share some things with each other that we can all take with us.

Some things you might know already.

Some things you wont.

But we can all learn a little something from each other.

While I tell you MY ideas + tips, please brainstorm 1 of your own.

Anything you share will be added to the presentation.

And Ill post the deck to my blog + tweet it out today.

So to think about while we go:

What makes YOUR life easier?

What is one of your secrets to success, something people might not have tried?

What did you just discover and have been telling everyone about?

Or...what do *you* do that you wonder why everyone else does it wrong?

Lets go.

Get it done.

"There are approximately 17 million software applications and websites out there built to manage your to do list," Gina Trapani, founder of Lifehacker, wrote in 2006.

Nearly 10 years later, the actual number might be twice that. Well, if you remove a few zeros, that is.

Search "todo" in Apple's iOS App Store and you get 3,680 results. In the Mac App Store, 195 results. In Google Play, a seemingly infinite scroll of results. is an app integration tool that can help your to do app work with your calendar and your email simple, designy to do app. octane task management app + online to-do list.

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Create a meme to share. simple graphic design software.

Instagram + Facebook + Twitter posts

Cover photos



Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Make your space on the web. websites for all. domain registrar and web host. We Thrive on Making Customers Happy.

Organize your stuff.

Google safe place for all your files. Free on all your devices.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying

Create good habits.

750 everyday. made simple. Learn when you want, wherever you are, in just 10 minutes a day.

Also this:

Dan Harris (ABC News) talks about being 10% happier (also his book title)

Credit, maintain + improve credit health w/ free credit scores, reports + monitoring.

And now, its your turn.

More Meditation (and similar YouTube sounds videos: meditative beats, karma cleansing, healing sounds, full chakra healing) (Radio Headspace - Podcast)

More Productivity (project management software) (organization with anyone) (work tracker) (or look up pomodoro technique) (ifttt - set up rules to automate your digital life)

More Organization (receipt digitize and storage) (organize your funds, debt and $ goals) (manage your freelance business, from scheduling to invoices) (track your time - simply - and use Zapier intergration w/ lets freckle to send reminder emails to yourself to bill)

Even more: (ladies in tech, find mentors or someone to mentor!) (add audio to your articles!) (write clearer and more concisely) (another domain reg service) (for fun - complicated stuff in simple words) (career tools podcast)

Thank you! | @CaptnPollyanna |