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<ol><li> 1. CONSELLO GALEGO DE MUSEOS 2008 LE MUSEE NUMERIQUEDIGITAL MUSEUMStphane Bezombes </li><li> 2. DIGITAL MUSEUM1.FACTS2.INSIDE THE WALLS3.OUTSIDE THE WALLS4.PERSPECTIVES </li><li> 3. DIGITAL MUSEUM 1. FACTS </li><li> 4. KEY SUBJECTSExhibition of Intangible Heritage and/or audiovisuals archivesFacilitate access to the collectionsEnhance mediation in a sustainable wayPromote exchanges between museum and visitors, and between visitors </li><li> 5. MUSEUM NOW </li><li> 6. MUSEUM NOW Source : Ministre de la culture et de la communication 2007 </li><li> 7. MUSEUM NOWThe Louvre Museum 8M visitors/year 15% growing each year 70% tourists 30% primo-visitorsCulture for the masses </li><li> 8. TYPOLOGY OF PUBLICSIndifferent Curious Interrested Amateur Expert Source : Eidelman 1999 </li><li> 9. TYPOLOGY OF PUBLICSIndifferent Curious Interrested Amateur Expert Source : Eidelman 1999 </li><li> 10. (R)EVOLUTIONMultimedia/NTIC mediation have to form Amateurs Adaptative / Local content Open services Connecting the alway-on society of information Easy documentation access New ways of promotion and communication </li><li> 11. DIGITAL COLLECTIONSMost of the museums have databases collectionBut they're not all... Searchable Mashables Linkables Visitor-centred </li><li> 12. DIGITAL MUSEUM 2. INSIDE THE WALLS </li><li> 13. PROGRAM </li><li> 14. DIGITAL SCENOGRAPHYFind a invariant vocabularyMedium is the message Size of screen, HMI, Ergonomy, Sound, Lenght, Support, QuantityFunction is the position Exhibit proximity, Diffusion mode, Integration level, ExclusiveTrust contract </li><li> 15. TYPOLOGY OF PRESENTATION </li><li> 16. E-CURATOROpensource mattersFind norms (W3C, ISO, IEEE)API as a CuratorDon't think different, since you're not sure </li><li> 17. DIGITAL MUSEUM 3. OUTSIDE THE WALLS </li><li> 18. ON INTERNET SPACE COLLECTIONS ONLINE Multiple contributors User-Generated Content Social networkMP3 PODCAST Interaction between users RSS Video channel Mobilephone version e-Calendar Tickets online DIGITAL CATALOG </li><li> 19. DIASPORA EXHIBITION OCT 2007 - JAN 2008 Temporary exhibitionby Claire Denis Films production andinstallations </li><li> 20. DIGITAL CATALOG myspace Catalog of the exhibitionTool for communicationYou TubeNew media laboratorydailymotionflickr </li><li> 21. AUDIENCE </li><li> 22. AUDIENCE DURING EXHIBITION MAY 2008 Visiteurs uniques 31120 40578Contacts 345 401Vidos + photos visionnes18687 25016Commentaires94 115Abonns350 350 </li><li> 23. DIGITAL MUSEUM4. PERSPECTIVES </li><li> 24. DIGITAL MUSEUM FIND THIS PRESENTATION </li></ol>