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  • WITH EYES ON THE IMPACTAt Digital Natives we believe in products that make an impact on society and represent the values that we care about.

    We combine the latest in design and technology with customer-centric consultancy to create digital products that turn heads.

    FACTS: 9 years on the market 150+ products delivered 21 enthusiastic people

  • OUR APPROACHAt Digital Natives, we base our work on lean and design thinking methods: we like to get a good understanding on the project context and provide solutions that are tailored to both the clients and the users needs.

    Understanding your business, marketplace and your users needs and requirements.


    Accomplishments can always be improved


    Analyzing data to make sure the product meets the expectations


    Creating a prototype to test our initial concepts


    Designing and coding validated featuresBUILDING

  • TECHNOLOGYEach of our mobile-ready websites, apps and interactive experiences are designed to surpass expectations, by combining the latest in graphic design with industry-leading development techniques. Some of the solutions we are using:

    WEB FRONTEND TECHNOLOGYHTML5, CSS3, Javascript, angularJS, Ember and React

    WEB BACKEND TECHNOLOGYRuby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Node.js, SQL, Real-time and Pub/Sub messaging are some of our favorites

    MOBILE TECHNOLOGYNative iOS, Android, along with mobile and tablet optimized web applications

    AUTOMATED TESTING TOOLSWe love RSpec, Spork, PhantomJS, Cucumber and Selenium

  • CONSULTANCYFrom researching your users needs, to UX designing and prototyping, to evaluating alternative business models which might work for your product, we have the tools and experience to help you reach your goal.

    Involving Digital Natives right from the off lets us support the entire product life cycle something we are all really passionate about.

    Starting with a journey of discovery, we will work with you to make sure the final product is exactly what your customers need, meaning minimal risk to your business.


    Elegran is a Manhattan real estate brokerage and marketing firm, which has been at the pinnacle of its marketplace for over half a decade.

    Web, Backend, Frontend, Database, Testing Web, Android, Backend, UX/UI, Testing


    Logidok is a Hungarian startup trying to make it easier for transport and logistics companies to get digitized freight-related documents from the truckers on the road, back to the office via one secure portal.




    Bizzabo offers powerful event planning software which helps event organisers and businesses plan and execute a range of different events, on one stylish, user-friendly platform.


    HappyBridge collates stories from the family pinboard from social platforms and regularly delivers them to the older generation in a printed out booklet.

    Web, Mobile optimised, Frontend Web, Android, iOS, Backend, Database, UX/UI Testing

  • YOUR DEDICATED NATIVESWe are a passionate team of highly-experienced designers, programmers and digital experts who can work remotely to deliver maximum flexibility and cost efficiency. We dont sit around waiting for instruction we are proactive, efficient and confident in our abilities.

    Digital Natives hand-picks the very best talents from the digital world. We are a friendly bunch, who believe in approachability and skill in equal measure.


    PHONE+36 1 489 5180

    ADDRESSDarczi t 4. Budapest, H-1113

    Digital Natives Ltd.