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Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

BY PAMELA BUSTOSDigital Natives and Digital Immigrants

Digital ImmigrantsRetain their accent.Speak an outdated language.Adopt many or most aspects of the new technology.Receive information and process it step by step.Prefer to learn by traditional methods (serious work)Need of instruction to learn.Think learners are always the same.Teacher usually do not use other methods to make a worthy class.Not-so flexibleLegacy content (traditional curriculum)They refuse to create new things

Digital NativesThinking patterns have changed.Native speakers of the digital language.Receive information really fast (multi-tasks)Prefer to learn by games.Think learning is fun.Need of instantaneity to learn. Think learners are different by the surrounding of technology.Teachers usually are able to make creative classes using technology.More flexible than Digital immigrants.Future content (legacy content + modern content).They attempt to create games, uses digital material to make a creative class.

BibliographyMarc Prensky (2001), Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants.