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Digital Natives , Digital Immigrants. By Marc Prensky. Biography. Speaker Writer Consultant Innovator. In the field of education and learning. A big discontinuity has taken place:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants</p> <p>Digital Natives, Digital ImmigrantsBy Marc PrenskyBiographySpeakerWriterConsultantInnovator</p> <p>In the field of education and learning</p> <p>A big discontinuity has taken place:Singularity: the arrival and rapid dissemination of digital technology in the last decades of the 20th century.</p> <p>Todays average college grads have spent less than 5,000 hs of their lives reading but over 10,000hours playing videogames.</p> <p>Brain structure and thinking patterns</p> <p> Todays students think and process information differently from their teachers.</p> <p>Our students brains have physically changed and are different from ours as a result of how they grew up. Digital NativesWHO ARE THEY?Theyre our students today.</p> <p>WHAT DO THEY DO?use the digital language of computers, video games and the Internet. are used to receiving information really to parallel process and multi-task. prefer their graphics before their text rather than the opposite. prefer random access (like hypertext). They function best when networked. </p> <p>Digital ImmigrantsWHO ARE THEY? People who were not born into the digital world They have become fascinated by and adopted many or most aspects of the new technology.They always retain, to some degree, their "accent," that is, their foot in the past. </p> <p>Ill tell you for the last time grandpa.. You DONT NEED A PAPERKNIFE TO OPEN AN E-MAIL!!!</p> <p>The ClashOur Digital Immigrant instructors, whospeak an outdated language are struggling toteach a population that speaks an entirely new language.</p> <p>How immigrants teach How natives learn slowly step-by-stepone thing at a time individuallyseriously</p> <p>(they were taught that way)They are used to:hypertextdownloading musicphones in their pocketsa library on their laptopsbeamed and instant messages.Working on the net</p> <p>Reconsidering methodology and content Methodology: Learning to communicate in the language and style of our students. </p> <p>going fasterless step-by stepmore in parallelwith more random accessContent</p> <p>ReadingWritingArithmeticlogical thinkingunderstanding the writings and ideas of the past</p> <p>Digital and technologicalInclusion of softwareHardwareRoboticsLegacy</p> <p>Traditional curriculum</p> <p>FutureConclusion NECESSITY OF NEW INVENTIONSUSE OF COMPUTER GAMESADAPTATION OF MATERIALS DIGITAL NATIVES ARE FAMILIAR WITH</p> <p>Special class</p> <p>Marc Prensky</p> <p>Members</p> <p>Aban, Jimena</p> <p>Cavodevilla, Jimena</p> <p>Godoy, Laura</p>