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The Internet's only been around for 15 years. However, historians are already comparing it with the Renaissance and the industrial revolution. And even though 15 years isn't a long time, the Internet has evolved dramatically. Resulting in very significant changes in the lives of both consumers and advertisers. This introductory session describes the impact the Internet has had on different sectors, several of which we highlight. We delve deeper into some of these during the other sessions.


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2. Technology is technology only for people who are born before it was invented. Alan Kay, Computer Visionary 3. Thats why we dont argue about whether the piano is corrupting music withtechnology.Seymour Papert 4. Theyre dumber than we were at their age. 5. Theyre screenagers, Net addicted, losing their social skills, and they have no time for sports or healthy activities. 6. They have no shame. 7. Because theyre parents have coddled them, they are adrift in the world andafraid to choose a path. 8. They steal. 9. Theyre bullying friends online. 10. Theyre violent. 11. They have no work ethic and will be bad employees. 12. This is the latest narcissisticme generation. 13. They dont give a damn. 14. 1. They prize freedom and freedom of choice. 2. They want to customize things,make them their own. 3. Theyre natural collaborators,who enjoy a conversation, not a lecture. 4. Theyll scrutinize you and your organization. 5. They insist on integrity. 6. They want to have fun, even at work and at school. 7. Speed is normal. 8. Innovation is part of life. 15. This generation is giving up its privacy. 16. Session 1: Digital Revolution. 17. Meritocracy 18. What would Google do? 19. Enterprise 2.0means turning your company inside out... Or waiting for an innovative startup to do itfor you! 20. Society has definitely changed 21. AdNeRdSGiven birth by Proximity BBDO 22. The Little Shop AdNerds www.adnerds.be8h 4h 05 5.220 596* domain name 0* domain name 16* hosting 185/mo* hosting 15/mo* build site 3.000 * build site 4h 05* costumes0 * costumes 400* photography 8h * photography 0 23. Revolutions are rarely bloodless. 24. The CD? Its dead. Good thing the music industry is about more than selling plastic discs. Todays artists havesurprising new ways to reach fans and make a living.David Byrne, Talking Heads. 25. Fund recording sessions Manufacture product Distribute product Market product Loan and advance money for expenses (tours, videos, hair and makeup) Advise and guide artists on their careers and recordings Handle the accounting 26. So with allthese changes, what happens tothe labels? 27. Ad Age Marketer of the year 2008. 28. 1.Social media and the new rules of marketingare essential. 29. 2. Embrace citizen journalists. 30. 3.Clearly and simply articulate what you want people to believe. 31. 4. People don't care about products and services,instead they care about themselves and about solving their problems. 32. 5. Dont obsess over the competition. 33. 6. Put your fans first. 34. 7. People dont like telemarketing. 35. 8. Negativity doesnt sell. 36. 9. When someone becomes a customer,they want to talk about it. 37. 10. Take time for your family. 38. 2.444.384 supporters627.459 supporters 495.320 wall posts 132.802 wall posts844.781 friends 219.463 friends115.623 followers4.911 followers 506.000 times mentioned44.800 times mentioned358.000 video results 191.000 video results 1.819 own videos330 own videos73.076 picture results15.168 picture results 50.218 own pictures has no profile56.200.000 search results 42.800.000 search results 24.200.000 image results 8.620.000 image results 39. Boomers Net Generation 22,417,4 8-33 40. In the years to come, broadcasting wont be broad and it wont be casting. The dominance of one-way, passive media consumption is over. 41. The Razorsh Consumer Experience Report 2008 42. Respondants who have receivedRespondants who prefer a certain an online videoclip from friendstype of video advertising format 43. Clearly this poses another challenge forpublishers, especially broadcast TV networks. They must adapt as the centralized analog model is disintegratingin our new online, networked world. 44. What can products & services learnfrom the Internet?Web2.0 Electricity1.0 45. I could imagine a smart garage where I would plug in my car and the computer handles it. I could even make money by cost shifting.... It solves energy security, energy prices and job creation...and by the way, climate change. Eric Schmidt - CEO Google 46. Music industryGaming 19 NOV US Elections TV25 NOVSOCIAL TelephonyONLINE MEDIAADVERTISING Music industry Music industry 02 DEC US Elections US Elections08 DECING TOGaming GamingRTABLE LISTEN POCONS UMERSTelephony WEBElectricity 47. Revolution is not a onetime event. 48. ... so you better start preparing! The Digital Natives are there! And ready to start working for you. Are you prepared?How web2.0 is your business? Are you ready to turn it upside-down? Dare to ask What would Google do? 49.