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Does a company still need a website? And if so, shouldn't it work like a take-away restaurant where if you see something you like, you simply take it to wherever it is you call home? Is there any point in a homepage now that everybody's Googling? And how does the Internet invade our lives after we shut down our laptops?


<ul><li> 1. Session 5: The Portable Web. </li></ul> <p> 2. Information Overload 3. Its not information overload, its filter failure. Clay Shirky, NYU Interactive Telecommunications 4. How big is the digitaluniverse, really? 5. John Gantz, Chief Research Ofcer, IDC 6. 7. The New Filter: well, that would be You. 8. The Internet TakeAway. 9. Users spend most of their time on other websites. Jacob Nielsen, usability expert 10. Does a company still need a website? And if so, shouldn't it be devised like a takeout restaurant:if you see anything you like yousimply take it wherever it is you call home? 11. A few steps to success 12. Bookmark &amp; Share 13. Little people do so... but support the influencers to do their job many others will see it your google ranking will profit too 14. Embed codes 15. RSS 16. RSS for the future... add RSS to your site make your RSS customizable allow subscription for a users favorite reader update regularly but make sure it is interesting to read make entries partially available give a reason to click, have a good CTA add share/bookmark buttons 17. Widgets 18. Widgets are the latest use of push technology; in the nature of their reach, they're like RSS feeds on steroids.Terri Wells, &amp; author 19. In essence, widgets put users incontrol of content, services or functionality, and allow them toaccess that content, service or functionality whenever and wherever they choose. Feed report by Razorfish 20. web mobile desktop 21. Music ING widget 22. Music ING widget 23. Music ING widget 24. Music ING widget 25. Music ING widget 26. Music ING widget 27. Music ING widget 28. Music ING widget 29. Music ING widget 30. Music ING widget 31. Music ING widget 32. Music ING widget 33. Music ING widget 34. Music ING widget 35. Music ING widget 36. Music ING widget 37. Music ING widget 38. Music ING widget 39. Music ING widget 40. Music ING widget 41. Music ING widget 42. Why a widget? it is easy to install for the user it is accessible where the user calls home it is completely customizable it is a shareable piece of content it allows you to send one-to-one push messages it offers an updatable channel that is also a two-way channel content comes from wherever you like you can add any content, service or functionality 43. We believe that widgets provide thepurest glimpse into the new, improvednetworked future.Its an interconnected world where peoplewill select, personalize, share andconsume web services wherever andwhenever they choose. Effortlessly.Garrick Schmit, Razorfish 44. Advertisers, publishers and marketers who ignore this trend will do so at their own risk - and miss thefuture in the process. Garrick Schmit, Razorfish 45. 1.000.000 users after 6 monthsexistence 1.000.000 more in one week after launching their Facebook widget 46. Applications 47. Two-way interaction with the web... and your Operating System! 48. Mini Cuckoo Clock 49. Mini Cuckoo Clock 50. The Cuckoo Clock extends the MINI brand and lifestyle proposition and provides a constant connection with our customers. AIR supports our efforts to build one-to-one experiences and relationshipswith our customers. Terry Dean Pepper, Head of marketing communications, BMW Group Merchandising &amp; Lifestyle 51. Why an application? it has nearly the same advantages as a widget but it requires install rights and thus tricky for B2B it is accessible only on the users desktop it is not a shareable piece of content it is (normally) way more personalized it can be integrated with the operating system and thus enables offline access it can be installed on multiple operating systems 52. When to opt for one or the other(Browser) widgets (Desktop) applications You want your application to be front andYou need the barrier of entry to be for your users. You want to take advantage of system You need a central place for deployment. resources. You want resize, drag and drop, minimize, You absolutely have to be cross platform. and easy notification possibilities. You want to take advantage of people'sYou need to integrate closely with thequot;browser knowledgequot;. desktop. You know you won't have accessYou need a consistent user interface and/or to machines.brand. 53. The Next Big Thing: The Mobile Web. 54. 1.3 billion internet users 850 million cars900 millionpersonal computers4 billionmobile phone subscriptions 1.4 billion credit cards 1.5 billion TV setsSource: ITU 55. The 7Channel.MediathMass 56. No-mo-phobia 57. 2 BILLION with color screen and (at least) 2.5G network connectivity 58. As there is content, there is an audience. And where there is an audience,there is advertising. 59. You are an APIyourself, you! 60. application programmingAn interface (API) is a set of functions,procedures, methods, classes orprotocols that an operating system, library or service provides to supportrequests made by computer programs. definition from Wikipedia 61. curl -u -d status=quot;testing the api using curlquot; 62. Sun Dec 07 09:36:41 +0000 20081043260171testing the API using curlwebfalsefalse10317612Bart MuskalamusxGhent, BelgiumI am a Digital Strategic Expert - or so my business cards say ;-). Actually I am nothing but a nerd with an interest in communication and advertising. 63. One year later... 64. One year later... 65. One year later... 66. One year later... 67. In my discussions with many companies,one of the biggest obstacles to adoptingAPIs is a lack of understanding of what a non-visual Web presence looks like and howto build a business model around it. Business leaders are much more likely to understand investment in a traditional Web site, even though APIs can often have morestrategic value than a Web site. Dion Hinchcliffe, Web20University 68. We are nearing the time when opening oursupply chains across the Web isnt just agood idea, it will be essential for competitive survival.Dion Hinchcliffe, Web20University 69. I've been giving away my books ever since my first novel came out, and boy has it evermade me a bunch of money.Cory Doctorow, Sciene Fiction Novelist 70. Most people who download the book don'tend up buying it, but they wouldnt have bought it in any event, so I havent lost any sales, Ive just won an audience. Cory Doctorow, Sciene Fiction Novelist 71. tiny minority of downloaders treat the Afree e-book as a substitute for the printedbook - those are the lost sales. But a muchlarger minority treat the e-book as an enticement to buy the printed book. They're gained sales.As long as gained sales outnumber lost sales, I'm ahead of the game.Cory Doctorow, Sciene Fiction Novelist 72. 2347 places100 places where you canwhere you can eat french fries eat french fries 47 in Ghent20 in Ghent 73. brainz gamez trainzfindr findrfindr 74. The internet TakeAway? 75. Thank you, please come again. Make your online presence portable. RSS, widgets, bookmarks, share, API Is Twitter booming thanks to or in spite of its API? Mobile The 7th mass media channel! 76. </p>