Digital Olympics: Using Blackboard’s Achievement Badges to roll out an innovative Digital Staff Development Programme

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<ol><li> 1. Digital Olympics Using Blackboard Achievement Badges to Roll Out an Innovative Digital Staff Development Programme </li><li> 2. Peter Masterson e-Content Designer/Developer Ciara Duffy Virtual Services Manager Introduction </li><li> 3. South West College Northern Ireland Omagh Dungannon Enniskillen </li><li> 4. ETI Inspection Grade 1 College One of only 4 in the UK South West College has made outstanding progress with its sector- leading Virtualisation initiative. The leadership of the Virtualisation initiative is dynamic, innovative and highly effective. The College has a significant and ongoing investment in the systematic development of staff technical skills The programme of staff development is extensive, well-resourced and the opportunities for staff to enhance and develop their professional skills are outstanding. </li><li> 5. 20142009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Skills Development Pilot Projects Infrastructure Consolidation Virtual College Infrastructure Virtual Day Virtual Week Confucius Hub Signing Stormont Zambi a Online Delivery To Zambia Online Teacher Training Programme Virtual Services Team Setup NEF Industry Facing Curriculum Innovative Qualification Innovative Learner of Year Innovation in Learning Support Online Lectures To RMU Begin Innovation in E-Learning Technical Infrastructure 180 Students Study Mandarin Digital Olympics Re-skilling Up-skilling Support For SMEs Infrastructure Fast Track FDs Virtual Day </li><li> 6. Global Reach Africa N. America S. America Europe Asia Australia Michael McAlister </li><li> 7. Zambia e-Learning Project Student Impact Video Staff Testimonial Video </li><li> 8. Staff Survey Area for Improvement Action College Documents Approximately 80% staff are aware of College Development Plan, Quality Improvement Plan, Staff Development plan and Teaching and Learning Strategy Plans/Strategies to be distributed to staff. Run awareness workshops and promote through GATEWAY DELNi/Colleges requirement of ILT 8.5% of the staff surveyed were not aware of DELNi/Colleges requirement of embedding ILT, with a further 12% aware of it but unsure of what they were required to do. Raise awareness of DELNi/Colleges requirement of embedding ILT through workshops, curriculum conference, GATEWAY and Teaching and Learning Resource bank Staff Development Various areas of ILT such as online collaboration, feedback and assessment were highlighted as a need for improvement. A new blended learning staff development programme to be formalised. This will be an e- Portfolio based programme to support all teaching staff across SWC. Areas to include: Blogs, wikis, journals, online feedback, online assessment, Blackboard Collaborate, online presentation tools, online resources, eSafety, online tracking, social media in education etc. Testimonials from staff that have benefited from ILT technologies to be promoted through GATEWAY, curriculum conference and teaching and learning resource bank. Online Voting system Only 4% of staff use online polls/voting systems. Run a pilot to include at least one course per department and more than one voting system ePortfolio Systems 20% of staff are using ePortfolio systems, which Continue to roll out ePortfolios to ensure 100% usage of all portfolio based qualifications by 2016 Online Feedback 49% of staff do not provide online feedback to students Pilot various methods of online feedback to include audio and video feedback across at least one course per department. Social Media in education 26% of staff occasionally or frequently use social media in course delivery Pilots already taking place across SWC. Report findings as a case study and promote on GATEWAY, curriculum conference and Teaching and learning resource bank. Bring your own device 65% of staff feel that Bring your own Device initiative would be useful Business case for Bring your own device to be written and answers from staff incorporated. BYOD pilot results to inform Business Case. Produce a report alongside subject specialists, entitled Apps for educational purposes which will include recommended apps for all curriculum areas across SWC. </li><li> 9. e-Learning Support e-Learning Technologists Work with staff to improve skills and support their continuous development Focus is on ILT and Digital Skills Teaching &amp; Learning Mentors Focus is on Teaching Pedagogy's and Learners Work with staff by observing teaching and advise on how to improve their practices </li><li> 10. Excellence in Teaching &amp; Learning Hub </li><li> 11. Types of Training </li><li> 12. Curriculum Conference Watch Curriculum Conference Video 300 attendees 15 workshops </li><li> 13. Blackboard Achievement Badges </li><li> 14. Platinum Innovator Educator Bronze Interactive Whiteboards VLE MOS - PowerPoint MOS - Word Plagiarism Software - Turnitin Introduction to GATEWAY Outlook 2010 Introduction to Camera Gold Mobile Technologies Apps Social Media Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, e-Stream Virtual Technologies Gamification, Unity etc. Silver Communication Tools - BB Collaborate, Skype, Video Conferencing, Lync, Online Presentation Tools - Prezi, emaze Online Assessment Tools - Polls, Quizzes, ePortfolios Online Feedback Tools - Surveys, Screencasts, Podcasts, Vodcasts Collaboration Tools - Blogs, Wikis, Journals, Discussion Boards Digital Olympics Criteria </li><li> 15. Blackboard Integration </li><li> 16. Outcomes Development of an Innovative Staff Development Programme Sharing of Best Practice Upskilling of Staff Development Competencies Ability to Track Staff Skills Development Increased Confidence in ILT Tools &amp; Technologies </li><li> 17. Contact Us South West College: 08456031881 Ciara Duffy: EXT 5209 Peter Masterson: EXT 5437 </li></ol>