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Post on 29-Nov-2014




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For presentation in a NJ school district- free web 2.0 tools and apps for digital storytelling.


  • 1. DigitalStorytelling
  • 2. WhileWereWaiting Make a folder on your desktop and save at least 7 pictures from the web (or drag and drop from another folder) that you can use for our sample digital stories today.
  • 3. Backchannel/SharedResources
  • 4. TodayWeWill Get a brief introduction to digital storytelling Learn several web 2.0 tools and apps for digital storytelling
  • 5. Whatisdigitalstorytelling? Students can tell their story in a digital manner the same as they would orally or on paper. Digital storytelling is simply applying one's creative ideas in a manner that allows him or her to add multimedia (video, images, and audio) to their voice.
  • 6. Web2.0Tools
  • 7. Apps
  • 8. MoreStuff Create digital storytelling rubric projects/scoring-guides Guide to everything digital storytelling Digital storytelling YouTube playlist ddJGu2A1Ut Digital storytelling Pinterest board