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  • 1. Group : 5Members:Aes, ShairaAroza, Patrick SwazeBalonga, MarlynCabangon, Allain JosephCapillanes, Gene ViPatricio, JeanetteQuiobe, kristelPrepared by: Allain

2. What do direct, Purposeful Experiencesrefers to? These are our concreteexperiences and first handExperiences that make up thefoundation of our learning. These are the rich experiences thatour senses bring from which weconstruct the ideas, the concepts,the generalization that givemeaning and order to our lives.( Dale, 1969) 3. Direct, purposeful experiencesare first hand, sensoryexperiences that serves as thefoundation of our learning. 4. Direct Activities: 5. INDIRECT, PURPOSEFULEXPERIENCES Are experience of other people thatwe observe, read or hear about. They are not our own self-experiencesbut still experiences in the sense that wesee, read and hear about them. 6. INDIRECT ACTIVITIES :Climbing a mountain isfirsthand, direct experience.Seeing it done in films orreading about it is a vicarious,substitute experience. It is aclear, therefore , that we canapproach the world of realitydirectly through the sensesand indirectly with reducedsensory experience. 7. Purposeful because the experiencesare not purely mechanical. They arenot a matter of going through themotion. These are not mere sensoryexcitation. They are experiencesthat are internalized in the sense thatthese experiences involve the askingof questions that have significance inthe life of the person undergoing thedirect experience 8. QUESTION: Why do we want ourstudents to have a directexperience in conductingan experiment in thelaboratory? Where should thesedirect, purposefulexperiences lead us to? 9. It is done in relation to a certain learning objective.Implies that these direct experiences must not be theperiod or the end. We must be brought to a higherplane. The higher plane referred to here is the levelof generalization and abstraction. 10. 1. Give students opportunitiesto learn by doing. 11. 2. Make use of real things asinstructional materials for aslong as we can. 12. 3. Help the students develop the fivesenses to the full to heighten theirsensitivity to the world. 13. 4. Guide students so that theycan draw meaning from theirfirsthand experiences. 14. Experience is thebest teacher. 15. 80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10%0%SIGHT HEARING TOUCH TASTE SMELL 16. Apply the concept of direct experiences to thecollege courses you have taken. Were theremissed opportunities for direct experiences? If yes,what are they? Go over the Re-structured Basic EducationCurriculum (RBEC). Find out which competenciescan be best taught through direct experience. 17. THANK YOU FOR WATCHINGand LISTENING