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Dirt Cheap Facebook Clicks - Facebook Fans For Pennies - an analysis of an ad campaign to launch a Facebook Page for very li


  • 1. Dirt Cheap Facebook ClicksFB Fans For Pennies Reagan Fan Page Exampleby Walker Lewis@walkerglewis

2. Split Testing Ad Copy 3. Split Testing Ad Copy 4. Split Testing Ad Copy 5. Split Testing Ad Copy 6. Split Testing Ad Copy 7. Clear Ad Copy winner when used with all images!Freedom beats Reverse growth of governmentacross the board with every image set. 8. Split testing Facebook Ad images 9. Clear image winner, images perform indescending order from left to right 10. Psychological cues matter! Is the likethumb a coincidence? I dont think so. 11. Landing page corresponds to winningad image. Dramatically improves CPA 12. Campaign initially set for broad targeting intended to receive performance feedback 13. Campaign evolves to testing narrow demographiccategories sub campaigns for sub groups 14. After initial demographic optimization CTRmore than doubles with better targeting 15. Once click through rate spikes above0.30%... CPC drops well under $0.10 16. Daily spend clusters around .35% - 0.55%CTR and increases with performance 17. Cost per acquisition, in this case, FBfan acquisition, drops like a rock 18. Once the CPA drops to pennies, spendingincreases, fan acquisition skyrocketsAccumulating 1,600+Facebook fans a day at $0.04-$0.06 per Fan 19. With the lower CPA, total campaignspending increases 3-5 X each dayCampaign spending increasesto 3-5X a day during $0.04- $0.05 CPA period Campaign begins withtesting budget 20. Targeting evolves fromdemographic/psychographic, to friend offan adsOnce FB page receives enough traction, Friend of Fan social targeting helpsimprove CTR deterioration over time 21. Campaign concludes: 33,565 FacebookFans at an average CPA of $0.07 per Fan