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  • 8/8/2019 Discovered Lore


    DiscovereD L oreN e w r a c e s , t a L e N t s a N D i t e m s f o r

    w a r r i o r , r o g u e & m a g e

    By a N D r e w m o D r o~ s u p p L e m e N t # 4 ~

  • 8/8/2019 Discovered Lore


  • 8/8/2019 Discovered Lore


    Catlings are bipedal felines the size of smallchildren. They are the result of a magical ac-cident which transformed the feline familiars of a group of wizards engaged in a ritual. Brightand quick, catlings retain many of the personal-ity traits of their four-footed forebears, including

    mercurial affections, an independent streak, alove for hunting and a seemingly inexhaustiblesupply of good luck. Their natural claws andteeth make them dangerous.

    t aLeNts : Feline Weapons, Lucky Devil, Weak

    The merfolk are a race adapted to living un-derwater. They resemble humans with gill-slits on their necks, smooth greenish or bluishskin, weedy hair and webbed fingers and toes.Though capable of coming onto dry land for days at a time, they must return to water everyso often. Their beautiful cities are grown from coral reefs and surrounded by waving gardensof exotic sea-life.

    t aLeNts : Breathe Water, Fish Swim, Dehydra-tion

    Legends tell of a band of mountain-dwellinghumans who bonded so tightly with the mightypeaks that they took on some attributes of the

    Earth itself. These eight-foot-tall giants havethe shape of humans, but are completely baldand have skin the color of granite. They areheavy, muscular and solid. Though they haveno magic to speak of, they are mighty warriorscapable of enduring any hardship. Deliberate

    in thought, they record their history with an-cient runes carved into stone.

    t aLeNts : Exceptional Attribute (Warrior),Tough as Nails, No Talent for Magic

    Simians are a race of intelligent primates whoreside deep within warm forests. They havea strong tribal culture that relies primarily onoral history, with their tales and ways encodedin chants and songs. Though smaller than hu-

    mans, simians are incredibly nimble and quitestrong, able to move through the dense forestsby swinging from vines and branches and

    make use of their dexterous tails as additionallimbs. Simians are also very curious about any-thing new, often dropping everything to inves-tigate some mystery.

    t aLeNts : Exceptional Attribute (Rogue), Curi-ous, Prehensile Tail

    Sorcerors are members of an ancient bloodlineof mages who intermingled with eldritch non-human entities to gain some of their power. Atfirst glance sorcerors appear human, but theyare all marked in subtle ways -- odd hair col-ors, strange eyes, witch marks, fangs and smalltails are just some of the many possible tellingsigns -- that make others uneasy and fearfularound them. Their inate talent for chanellingraw magical force makes them both useful anddangerous to adventuring groups.

    t aLeNts : Blood Mage, Channeller, Outcast

  • 8/8/2019 Discovered Lore


    B reathe w ater : You can breathe underwater with no hindrance.

    c urious : When confronted with an object youhave never seen before, you must make a Chal-lenging (DL 9) Mage roll or spend at least thenext minute investigating it. If you are attacked

    or otherwise endangered while fascinated, you may make an Easy (DL 5) roll to snap out of it.

    DehyDratioN : You may spend a number of days up to your Warrior score on dry land. Af-ter this time is up you must spend at least eighthours fully submerged in clean water (fresh or salt water). If you do not submerge yourself,you take 1d6 damage per extra day out of water that does not heal until you submerge.

    f eLiNe w eapoNs : Your claws and bite both do1d6-2 damage. You do not receive any moreattacks than normal, but you may develop theDouble Attack talent as if you had the DualWielding talent already (only for your natural

    weapons; if you wish to use other weaponsyou must take Dual Wielding for them first be-fore you can take Double Attack for them).

    f ish s wim : You may move underwater at your full normal speed without having to make rolls,and you gain a +2 bonus to any rolls for swim-

    ming in difficult conditions.

    m ooNBouND : You must make a Challenging(DL 9) Mage roll when the full moon rises (threedays out of every lunar cycle) or wolfchangeuntil the moon sets.

    p reheNsiLe t aiL : You may use your tail as a fifthlimb. Though you may not make attacks withyour tail, you may use it to grasp and lift ob-jects and to hold your weight from a limb, vineor other hanging surface.

    w oLfchaNge : You may shapechange into theform of a large wolf at will. While in this form you gain a +2 bonus to all Mage rolls involving

    Deep in the wild exists a storied race of men andwomen who run with wolves through the darkof night. Whether by some ancient magic, quirkof fate or dictate of the gods, werewolves havethe power to change into the shape of a powerfulwolf at will. The light of the full moon afflictsthem with an almost irresistable urge to adopttheir lupine shapes and run free.

    t aLeNts : Hunter, Moonbound, Wolfchange

  • 8/8/2019 Discovered Lore


    your senses, but suffer a -2 penalty to all other rolls involving the Mage attribute. You gain abite attack that does 1d6 damage. Any armor,clothing or equipment do not change with youand must be dropped. All other stats (including

    HP and base Defense) remain the same.

    B reath pearL : A beautiful ocean pearl that,when swallowed, allows the user to breatheunderwater (as the Breathe Water talent) for three days. Once the pearl is swallowed, it isdestroyed.

    c atfoot a muLet : A silver or gold chain ankletwith small charm in the shape of a cat. Whenworn, it grants the wearer a +2 bonus on all

    Rogue rolls to move without being heard.

    m ask of t horNs : This plain white porcelain mask is lined on the inside with small, sharpthorns. When worn, the thorns dig into theflesh of the wearer. While the mask is beingworn, the wearer can appear to others as a

    nondescript human of the same sex and build,hiding any obvious distinguishing features.This means that while the mask is worn, if theuser has the Outcast negative talent, the masksuppresses the penalty. However, while the

    mask is worn, the user suffers 1d6-2 damage

    per hour that cannot be healed until the mask istaken off. The mask cannot be used by anyoneabnormally large or small (such as a mountaingiant, or a halfling or simian) unless it was spe-cially crafted for a user of that size, and eventhen it will not hide the users abnormal size.

    s toNeskiN r uNe : A polished semi-precious stone marked with a rune of endurance. When in-voked, it grants the user the Tough as Nails tal-ent (damage taken from each individual attackis reduced by 2) for one hour. Once invoked,the rune shatters and cannot be used again. If invoked by a character with the Tough as Nailstalent, it has no effect, but still shatters.

    t aLestick : A two- to three-foot long stick aninch thick, peeled of bark and rubbed smooth.When activated, this stick stores perfect recall of one story or set of information of similar length.Symbols and pictures appear on the stick relatedto the information it is storing. Once the infor-

  • 8/8/2019 Discovered Lore


    mation is retrieved, the symbols disappear andthe stick is empty, ready to be used again. Onlyone story or set of information can be stored atany given time.

    w oLf BeLt : A belt constructed from the hidesof slain werewolves, decorated with bone fe-

    tishes. When put on, it transforms the user intoa wolf as per the Wolfchange talent; the beltshifts with the user. The user can change backat will, in which case the belt falls off, readyto be put on again. Werewolves will attempt

    to kill anyone using a wolf belt, stopping atnothing.

    These are example characters built as startingPCs. They are given trappings appropriate totheir concepts, but have not generally spentall their starting SP. These characters may beadvanced as the GM wishes to provide moreexperienced NPCs.

    a ttriButes : Warrior 1, Rogue 6, Mage 3hp : 4, m aNa : 6DefeNse : 7 (+2 for leather armor)s kiLLs : Acrobatics, Awareness, Thieveryt aLeNts : Feline Weapons, Lucky Devil, Weakt rappiNgs : dark leather clothing, belt and

    pouches, tools

    a ttriButes : Warrior 3, Rogue 4, Mage 3HP: 9, m aNa : 6DefeNse : 7 (+1 for shell chestplate)s kiLLs : Awareness, Lore, Polearmst aLeNts : Breathe Water, Fish Swim, Dehydra-tiont rappiNgs : short trident

    a ttriButes : Warrior 6, Rogue 2, Mage 2HP: 12, m aNa : 4DefeNse : 8 (+5 for chain armor)s kiLLs : Athletics, Blunt, Unarmedt aLeNts : Exceptional Attribute (Warrior),

    Tough as Nails, No Talent for Magict rappiNgs : two-handed warhammer, backpack

    a ttriButes : Warrior 3, Rogue 3, Mage 4HP: 9, m aNa : 8DefeNse : 7s kiLLs : Acrobatics, Herbalism, Loret aLeNts : Exceptional Attribute (Rogue), Curi-ous, Prehensile Tailt rappiNgs : carved stick hung with baubles andfetishes

    a ttriButes : Warrior 1, Rogue 3, Mage 6HP: 7, m aNa : 12DefeNse : 6 (+1 for padded cloth robes)s kiLLs : Alchemy, Daggers, Loret aLeNts : Blood Mage, Channeller, Outcasts peLLs: Frostburn, Sense Magic, Magic Armor t rappiNgs : staff, dagger, scroll case with mapfragments

    a ttriButes : Warrior 5, Rogue 4, Mage 1HP: 11, m aNa : 2DefeNse : 8 (+2 for leather armor)s kiLLs : Awareness, Bows, Herbalism t aLeNts : Hunter, Moonbound, Wolfchanget rappiNgs : Bow and quiver, belt and pouches or backpack, bedroll

  • 8/8/2019 Discovered Lore


  • 8/8/2019 Discovered Lore


    contains six new playable races for your Warrior, Rogue & Magecampaign. Smash your foes as a hulking Mountain Giant or explore the depths of the oceans as a member of the ancient merfolk. In addition to that this book providesyou with new magic items and a set of sample characters that can be used as startingplayer characters or as NPCs.

    is a simple, lightweight roleplaying game that allows a group of players anda game master to experience epic adventures in a fantasy world filled with wondrous

    magic. This book contains the complete game rules, including character creation, com-bat, magic, equipment and monsters, as well as a complete fantasy setting, the FallenImperium of Vaneria.



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