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Section 1: Disparities Overview High-level disparities in incidence/mortality by race/ethnicity Sorted by health area, demonstrating major causes of death and disease, with others depending on appearance of disparity


  • Disparities Report CardDisparities CouncilSeptember 27, 2010

  • Disparities Report CardOverview40 page documentPrimarily authored by DPH staff (approximately 15) from relevant programsDPH Leads: Kristin Golden, Georgia Simpson-May3 Major Sections

  • Section 1: Disparities OverviewHigh-level disparities in incidence/mortality by race/ethnicitySorted by health area, demonstrating major causes of death and disease, with others depending on appearance of disparity

  • Section 1: Disparities OverviewExamples of health areasAsthmaCancer (Breast, Colorectal, Lung, Prostate)Cardiovascular DiseaseDiabetesDisabilityDomestic ViolenceDrugs and Alcohol

    FallsGeneral HealthHIV / AIDSHomicide and AssaultsInfant Mortality / NatalityMental HealthObesityTobacco UseOthers

  • Section 2: In-depth AnalysisDesigned to look at disparities within disparitiesIn-depth exploration of which sub-populations experience the greatest disparitiesAsthma by income and race, by education and raceAnalysis of health area by related co-morbidities Diabetes by race and co-occurring heart disease

  • Data ConsiderationsVarying sources have varying dataBRFSS: 2009Deaths: 2008Births: 2008National estimates: 2006-2008Combination of years will be necessary for detailed analysis within racesLeads to decision about choosing universal year for comparison, or using latest available throughout

  • Section 3: Social Determinants of HealthBasic needs /social well beingBuilt environmentParkswalkabilityCommercial / Retail EnvironmentAvailability of fresh groceries Density of package stores, tobacco retailers, fast foodFreedom from discriminationHealth Care SystemInsurance coverage typeHave a PCP

    Housing AffordabilityHousing ConditionsPollution and Air QualitySafetyCrimePerceived neighborhood safetySocio-economic AttributesEconomic Security and IncomeEducation

  • Section 3: Social Determinants of HealthSome experience looking at socio-economic indicators at the community levelFewer models available analyzing community factors by race/ethnicity and communityDPH proposes working on 2 areas to test methodology, data acquisition and analysis

  • Section 3: Social Determinants of HealthProposal will include looking at factors where data is easily accessible, complete and available at the city / town level (census tract preferred).\Data would be analyzed jointly with demographic census data (available at census tract level) to assess correlation with race, income and/or education patterns

  • Section 3: Social Determinants of HealthFirst area: Tobacco retailersRationale: this is an area in which DPH has data, some of which has been geo-coded (i.e. assigned to census tracts) DPH also has in-house researchers familiar with this data and theories on correlation between tobacco retailer density and disparate health outcomesTobacco has effects on asthma, heart disease and diabetes, the areas covered in the in-depth analysisResearch can begin late October in consideration of competing priorities with key staff

  • Section 3: Social Determinants of HealthSecond area: TBDOptions: Other types of locations, fast food restaurants, grocery stores or farmers marketsOther areas to investigate?DPH needs to further investigate completeness and availability of data and assess internal experts

  • TimelineDraftingSections 1 and 2October / NovemberSection 3 October / November / DecemberIntroductory material / appendicesOctober

    Compilation, Proof-readingStandard designJanuaryProfessional design*January / February

    * Professional design requires identification of printing funds, TBD


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