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  • 1. Colony-dispatchers internal

2. Dispatcher Function: Selective RelaySwift0http://swift0/v1.0/AUTH_testdispatcherhttp://dispatcher/swift0/v1.0/AUTH_testSwift1http://swift1/v1.0/AUTH_test 3. Dispatcher Function: Selective RelaySwift0http://swift0/v1.0/AUTH_testdispatcherhttp://dispatcher/swift1/v1.0/AUTH_testSwift1http://swift1/v1.0/AUTH_test 4. Dispatcher Function: Selective RelaySwift0http://swift0/v1.0/AUTH_testdispatcherhttp://dispatcher/merged/v1.0/AUTH_testSwift1 Merge the results of two or more swift systems.http://swift1/v1.0/AUTH_test 5. How to merge responses fromdifferent Swift clusters 6. Retrieve Account Metadata in Merge mode MergedHEAD /merged/v1.0/AUTH_test sw0: sw0:sw0:Cont ContCont X-Account-Byte-Used: 1800(600 + 1200) 01 2 X-Account-Container-Count: 6 (3 +3) X-Account-Object-Count: 18 (6 + 12)sw1: sw1:sw1:Cont ContCont 01 2 Swift0 Swift1 ContContCont ContContCont0 1 20 1 2 swift0swift1 X-Account-Byte-Used: 600X-Account-Byte-Used: 1200 X-Account-Container-Count: 3X-Account-Container-Count: 3 X-Account-Object-Count: 6 X-Account-Object-Count: 12 7. List Containers in Merge mode Prefix to indicate the name of the swift system is given a container. MergedGET /merged/v1.0/AUTH_testsw0: sw0: sw0: sw0:Cont0Cont Cont Cont sw0:Cont1 012 sw0:Cont2sw1: sw1: sw1: sw1:Cont0Cont Cont Cont sw1:Cont1 012 sw1:Cont2 Corresponds to theoutput format plain text,Swift0Swift1json, the XMLContCont Cont Cont Cont Cont Corresponds to the 0 12012parameter "marker" 8. List Objects in Merge mode Receive a container with a prefix, which returns a list of objects in the container specified on the Merged swift system indicated by the prefixsw0: sw0: sw0:Cont Cont ContGET /merged/v1.0/AUTH_test/sw1:Cont2 012sw1: sw1: sw1:Cont Cont Cont 012Swift0 Swift1 Cont Cont Cont Cont Cont Cont012012 9. Operate Container in Merge mode Receive a container with a prefix, on the swift system indicated by prefix, to manipulate the Merged containersw0: sw0: sw0:Cont Cont Cont 012PUT /merged/v1.0/AUTH_test/sw1:Cont2sw1: sw1: sw1:DELETE /merged/v1.0/AUTH_test/sw1:Cont2 Cont Cont ContHEAD /merged/v1.0/AUTH_test/sw1:Cont2012POST /merged/v1.0/AUTH_test/sw1:Cont2 Swift0Swift1Cont ContCont Cont Cont Cont 01 2012 10. Operate Object in Merge mode Receive a container with a prefix, to manipulate the objects in the container specified on the swiftMerged system indicated by the prefix. sw0: sw0: sw0: Cont Cont ContGET /merged/v1.0/AUTH_test/sw1:Cont2/obj0 012PUT /merged/v1.0/AUTH_test/sw1:Cont2/obj0sw1: sw1: sw1:DELETE /merged/v1.0/AUTH_test/sw1:Cont2/obj0 Cont Cont Cont012HEAD /merged/v1.0/AUTH_test/sw1:Cont2/obj0POST /merged/v1.0/AUTH_test/sw1:Cont2/obj0 Swift0 Swift1Cont Cont Cont Cont Cont Cont 012012 obj 11. Copy Object in Merge mode Copy between containers of the same prefix is the same as "Copy Object" normal. Mergedsw0: sw0: sw0:Cont Cont ContCOPY /merged/v1.0/AUTH_test/sw0:Cont2/obj0 012X-Copy-From: /sw0:Cont1/obj0sw1: sw1: sw1:Content-Length: 0 Cont Cont Cont 012 Swift0 Swift1Cont ContCont Cont ContCont 01 201 obj 2COPY 12. Copy Object in Merge mode In the copy of containers between different Swift0 prefix, make a GET of objects inside dispatcher, Cont Cont Cont perform the PUT to another system.012objGETCOPY /merged/v1.0/AUTH_test/sw1:Cont2/obj0X-Copy-From: /sw0:Cont1/obj0Content-Length: 0dispatcher If the object that exceeds a 5G, the uploadPUT process is performed internally divided.Swift1Cont ContCont 01 2 obj 13. Authentication in Merge modeSwift0s keystone Auth_Token: AAAAAAAAAAdispatcherAuth_Token: AAAAAAAAAA__@@__BBBBBBBBBBSwift1s keystone Auth_Token: BBBBBBBBBB 14. Dispatcher Function: Object CachingCacheServer(squid)obj Swift0obj dispatcherThrough the cache server when GETobjects. From the second time, GET theobject from the cache server. 15. Dispatcher Function: Relay to the nearest Swift0a dispatcher Confirmed thenetwork closeness toswift proxies Swift0b


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