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  • 1. DISPOSAL OF DEAD BODY CME By Dr. Abdul Waheed Ansari Chairperson & Prof. of Anatomy, RAK COLLEGE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES. 2/7/2014 1
  • 2. What lies underneath it? 2/7/2014 2
  • 3. The remains of individuals 2/7/2014 3
  • 4. My topic for todays presentation The disposal of dead body. Every one is afraid of dead bodies, all religions have viewed the dead as the transitory stage of a permanent life to begin, the life after which is eternity. Let me analyze how the dead is disposed off in various cultures and religions across the globe. 2/7/2014 4
  • 5. Every living thing will taste the death (Quran) The first murder on earth was between the brothers, Habel and Qabel. Allah has taught how to dispose of the dead. Two crows were fighting and one dies, the other one makes a pit and dump the dead bird and cover it with sand. This example was seen by the first murderer and he also dig a pit and dispose of the dead body of his brother. Disposal of dead body was the first PBL, nature has given solution in the form of bird disposal, human has learnt to dispose of their dead. 2/7/2014 5
  • 6. Disposal of dead is done by various methods 1. Incineration 2. Burial 3. Water submersion 4. Cannibalism 5. Body donation 6. Body world display 7. Left to be eaten away by vultures/Ariel burial 8. Hydrolysis/dissolution 9. Freezing with liquid nitrogen 2/7/2014 6
  • 7. Buddhism teach that The dead bodies should be burnt to release the soul which is bad with the hope that they will be reincarnated into a better one.. Incineration is the mode of disposal 2/7/2014 7
  • 8. Christianity, especially the orthodox church Teaches that the human Respect is shown by body will rise at the second burying the body and not coming of the Lord, to burning it. attain the blessedness of the heavenly kingdom together with soul or to suffer the result of rejecting God. There fore we must respect the body even after death 2/7/2014 8
  • 9. In Hinduism The dead body is considered to be symbol of great impurity, hence minimal physical contact with the dead body is maintained, perhaps to avoid the spread of infections or germs. They burn the body after death. Believing that body is made up from five elements,panchbhuta; fire,water,air,earth and sound/ether. 2/7/2014 9
  • 10. After burning the remains are spread out in the rivers- water disposal 2/7/2014 10
  • 11. In Zoroastrians Fire is considered as god, which is pure The dead body is impure, they don't want to mix the impure body with the fire. They leave their dead bodies on the top of their temples, to be eaten away by vultures. They believe it is meant for them and they were created for eating the human flesh. Ariel burial is done. 2/7/2014 11
  • 12. Zoroastrians (known in India as Parsis) Regard sky burials, in which the bodies are exposed to natural elements including vultures in open-topped Towers of Silence, . 2/7/2014 12
  • 13. Cannibalism It is prevalent in Brazil, Africa and parts of India. The dead body is eaten while burning, the Aghori sect in India eat human flesh. 2/7/2014 13
  • 14. Disposal by water submersion Recently after the Abbottabad episode the body was disposed of by water submersion. It may happen when an aero plane crash occurs over the oceans, all bodies were washed out or eaten away by sharks or whales. The body decomposition occurs faster in water rather than during earth burial. 2/7/2014 14
  • 15. Body donation Is another way of disposal of body. It is done for the learning and research of medical fraternity. It is a great service for humanity, during life the person is allowed to donate his/her body after their death to a nearby medical hospital or college/research center. The body is utilized for preparing future doctors/professionals, after being embalmed. RAKCOMS has a plan to start body donation program, another first mile stone to be laid down by RAKMHSU in U.A.E. 2/7/2014 15
  • 16. Body world display It is also another way of disposal/ usage of dead. The dead body is preserved by means of plastination process of the entire body after performing desired dissection and attaining different positions and postures. It takes 1000 to 1500 human hours to prepare a body by plastination. The water content of the human body is removed by dehydration and replaced by plastiene substance which prevents decomposition and bacterial infection. 2/7/2014 16
  • 17. 2/7/2014 17
  • 18. 2/7/2014 18
  • 19. 2/7/2014 19
  • 20. Hydrolysis or dissolution Disposing of human bodies in a lye solution dissolves tissues into a sterile, syrupy substance that can be safely flushed down a drain. The process, known as alkaline hydrolysis is made use of in the disposal of cadavers. The University of Florida at Gainesville and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. the hydrolysis is used to dispose of the cadavers. 2/7/2014 20
  • 21. 2/7/2014 21
  • 22. Freezing in liquid nitrogen It involves freezing the body, dipping it in liquid nitrogen and gently vibrating it to shatter it into powder. The technique was conceived by a Swedish biologist, Susanne Wiigh-Masak, who said: "Mulching was nature's original plan for us, and that's what used to happen to us at the start of humanity - we went back into the soil. 2/7/2014 22
  • 23. So the dead is no more The end of life nor it is to be frightened, after seeing the art form of human bodies as shown by BODY WORLD display, it is for appreciation of how the nature has created and transformed us into a master creation, or ASHRAFUL MAQLUQAATH, the best creation of the world. So appreciate the anatomy of dead!!! 2/7/2014 23
  • 24. Thank you 2/7/2014 24


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