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Even though team collocation is strongly recommended in agile methodologies, a distributed team is often required in the real world today. What is so important about collocating anyway? Can you overcome the challenges of a distributed Scrum team and still remain agile? What are the solutions? Brian Saylor tackles these important questions and more. While Brian realizes that implementing Scrum and agile practices in a distributed team is not easy, he found that it is possible if you understand the inherent problems and work hard-every day-to overcome them. Brian walks you through the reasons collocating is important for agile teams and the extra challenges distributed agile teams face. Then he dives into practical, real-world tools, tips, and techniques that organizations should research and consider before jumping into distributed waters-and dont forget your life jacket.


  • 1. AT8 ConcurrentSession 11/8/20122:15PM "Distributed Scrum: Dangerous Waters-Be Prepared!" Presented by: Brian Saylor Scripps Networks Interactive Broughttoyouby: 340CorporateWay,Suite300,OrangePark,FL32073 88826887709042780524sqeinfo@sqe.comwww.sqe.com

2. Brian Saylor Scripps Networks Interactive As the software development manager for Scripps Networks Interactive, Brian Saylor oversees a number of geographically dispersed development teams, which enhance and maintain the company's consumer websites and supporting platforms. The Scripps portfolio of websites includes HGTV.com, FoodNetwork.com, TravelChannel.com, and dozens of others. Brian's career has included work at start-up companies as well as large corporations as a developer, consultant, team lead, and manager. He is recognized for his ability to solve complex technical challenges in a practical manner for all aspects of Internet-based systems. 3. 11/9/2012Distributed Scrum: Trials and Tips from the Trenches Brian Saylor Software Development Manager Scripps Networks InteractiveScripps Networks Interactive TodayHomeFoodTravel & Country Music1 4. 11/9/2012Scripps Networks Interactive DigitalHomeFoodTravel & Country Music170 million peopleconsume our content each monthSource: Nielsen Media Research, Three-Way Interaction Table of Scripps Networks Interactive networks, websites and magazines, average monthly reach, Persons 2+, 2Q12.2 5. 11/9/2012Our LocationsPrimary Team LocationsNew York Chevy Chase, MD Knoxville, TN3 6. 11/9/2012Reasons for Geographically Dispersed Teams Cost Hire from cheaper/more competitive labor pool Talent Easier to find special skills in a different location Customer proximity Keep some staff closer to customers & stakeholders build relationships and respond faster Office space Place people where there is available real estate Client support Placing employees across time zones allows for 24-hour/extended supportThere is no silver bullet!4 7. 11/9/2012Why Collocate? Communications/Collaboration Lowering barriers to collaboration Reducing risk of miscommunication Align with LEAN principles and minimizes inefficiencies Team Identity Unity Respect TrustDistributed Team ArrangementsBinary Distribution Two Scrum roomsFully Distributed Individuals in many locationsHybrid Distribution Scrum room with remote individuals5 8. 11/9/2012Communications ToolsAudio ConferencingVideo ConferencingInstant Messaging & Chat RoomsCollaboration ToolsScreen SharingDocument SharingSmartboards Digital Wallboards6 9. 11/9/2012Team Identity ToolsCommunications ToolsAudio Conferencing Someone puts the conference on hold, and we all get to listen to hold music. Someone on the conference will be unaware that their passionate side discussion is being heard by everyone. People on the phone get ignored.7 10. 11/9/2012Communications ToolsAudio Conferencing Brians Law of Teleconferencing The more important the meeting, the more likely that some one will put their line on hold. With hold music.Communications ToolsVideo Conferencing Video lag Poor quality High client bandwidth / CPU requirements Limited participants8 11. 11/9/2012Communications ToolsInstant Messaging & Chat Rooms Everyone uses a different client Mix personal and business accountsTeam Identity ToolsTeam Identity Communications Face time Kick off / wrap up events Kick-off wrap-up Swag Success9 12. 11/9/2012Instant Messaging ClientsInstant Messaging Clients Skype / Skype for business Trillian Astra AIM Thompson Reuters Messenger Windows Live/MSN Messenger IBM Sametime Microsoft Lync Cisco Jabber Yahoo Messenger Facebook Chat Google Talk Novell GroupWise Messenger Atlassian HipChat Mxit Yammer ICQ Messenger Convo KiK Campfire WhatsApp10 13. 11/9/2012Instant Messaging Group Chat Rooms Persistent group chat Use it! Even when collocated Less disruptive to context switching then verbal.Instant Messaging Guidelines 1. Privacy: Group membership should be by invitation.No casual snoopers. Remember that the chat belongs to the team.2. 2 Visible Membership: Membership list should be visible visible. 3. Administration: Remove members from the group when necessary. 4. Member Status: Members currently online or offline should be visible.5. Offline: Should see messages that were sent while they were offline. 6. File Sharing: Should be able to post files to the group. Shared files can be downloaded by group members even if the member sharing is offline.7. Hosting: No single Owner that must be online for group to function.11 14. 11/9/2012Instant Messaging Guidelines 8. Clients: Support Windows, Mac, and Linux. 9. Mobile: Full support for mobile devices.iOS and Android, Phones andTables. T bl10. Continuous: Continue chats while switching between devices. Should be able to continue a conversation while switching from a desktop to a laptop to a tablet and to a phone.11. History: Keep track of old conversations. 12. Timestamp: It should be clear the date/time what any message is posted. posted13. Security: Chat traffic carried over the Internet should be encrypted. 14. Ad Free: Client should be free of distracting ads.Document Sharing Real-time document collaboration or Pair-programming12 15. 11/9/2012Smartboards Smart whiteboards: SMART, E-Beam Digital agile wall boardsDistributed Development Project Development Problems 70% Communication 20% Technical 10% Other Note: Other may not equal stupidity y q p y Warning: This figures are made up13 16. 11/9/2012Putting it together: Binary Distribution Two Scrum RoomsPutting it together: Binary Distribution One Virtual Room Room to room video IM and group chat SMART board Digital Wallboard Travel Ki k offs i single location Kick ff in i l l ti Exchange developers between locations periodically14 17. 11/9/2012Putting it together: Fully Distributed No Central Scrum RoomPutting it together: Fully Distributed One Virtual Room Multi point video IM and group chats No SMART boards No Digital Wallboard Travel Ki k offs and wrap ups in single location Kick ff d i i l l ti15 18. 11/9/2012Putting it together: Hybrid Distribution Scrum Room with Remote DevelopersPutting it together: Hybrid Distribution One Virtual Room Multi point video IM and group chats No SMART boards No Digital Wallboard Travel Ki k offs and wrap ups in single location Kick ff d i i l l ti16 19. 11/9/2012Developer QualityDeveloper Quality vs EfficiencyDeveloper EfficiencySummary Dont do it Keep them close together Pick out your communication tools Pick out your collaboration tools Arrange a team kick-off Hand pick your developers17 20. 11/9/2012If you expect to save time and money by distributing your team, be prepared to be disappointedTHOUGHTSThere is no technological replacement for direct human interactionQ&A Contact Me Email: bsaylor@scrippsnetworks.com Blog: http://www.chaosincomputing.com/Careers: http://www.scrippsnetworksinteractive.com18 21. 11/9/201219