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District News publication of the New Mexico Assemblies of God.


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1% Report

Men of Destiny


Women’s Ministries

District Women’s


Student Ministries Fine

Arts Recap and Camp


Pastor Raymond Hudson


District Council Photos



Report 2


Report 3

1% Report 4

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Page 2: District News Summer 2010



Pastor Clyde Fulfer installation at Estancia Assembly of

God, on April 11, 2010.

Superintendent Micheal E. Dickenson

[email protected]

It is now officially in the books…DC10 is history!

Inspiration and challenge; information and instruction; fellowship and food; powerful worship and preaching of the Word; prayer and communion; new friends and celebration of dreams--it was all there for the 71st Annual New Mexico District Council a few days ago.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to make this a District Council to remember. Be sure to check out all of the photos in this publication that reflect an enjoyable and profitable time for all who attended. A special thanks to Pastor Chuck Kofahl and Tramway Community Church for doing such a fantastic job of hosting this event. Audio and video of each of the services is available on our website at nmaog.org under Media.

Your generosity enabled us to meet our council budget as well as provide love offerings for our missionaries. Becky and I were blessed by your love offering and are always grateful for the privilege to serve you.

We continue to receive testimonials of significant things that God did through the ministries provided, which makes it all worthwhile. Our prayer is that you took something away from this council that will

help you as you fulfill your calling and ministry in the days to come.

Now that the event is history, I want to personally encourage you to “Live the Dream” that we talked about at Council in your place of ministry. Consider what God desires for your community, your church and the next generation. Together let’s impact our world and make a difference for eternity!

In the next few weeks and months, you’re going to hear more about such things as New Mexico School of Ministry and Church Development Cohorts, both of which will kick off in the fall. These ministries are specifically designed to help us as we seek to elevate and develop our ministries and our churches to be everything God designed us to be. We are making significant investments in these ministries and encourage you to take full advantage of them.

Keep dreaming and living His dream for you and your church!

Consider what

God desires for

your community,

your church and

the next


Real Man Conference, Tramway Community Church, April 23, 2010.

Page 3: District News Summer 2010


C A N Y O U H E A R M E N O W ?

Secretary/Treasurer Marcus McClain

[email protected]

A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to observe one of my grandsons playing a scrimmage baseball game. It was a chilly morning; young boys were all bundled up; baseball equipment was placed in order; family and friends were positioned for support; umpires uttered their last-minute instructions; and coaches exhorted and encouraged sleepy-eyed heroes.

Shortly after the game began, I became aware of a scenario that is probably repeated at every youth sporting event around the world. As the game progressed, there was noticeable engagement from family and friends who were watching from the sidelines. It became so intense at times with family and friends yelling advice and instruction at the boys that the young players often were distracted, and some even momentarily stopped focusing on the game. You get the picture.

Now, I do not want to get side-tracked with the topic of ‘living vicariously’ through our children, which some parents do. I want to link this event, which is a part of Americana, with the real spiritual dynamic of our walk with the Lord. As the baseball game progressed, it became apparent that for the coach’s voice to be heard over the other voices that were demanding his players' attentions, he was going to have to take a completely different approach. My grandson’s coach called for a time out, walked on to the field to the player whose attention he was trying to get, he lowered himself so that he

could see the young man face to face, placed his hands gently on the boy’s cheeks, and quietly spoke to him. As a response, all the other voices seemed to quiet down, and for a brief moment, there was total, uninterrupted communication between the young player and his coach, which brought fantastic results.

You probably know where I am going with this, but please hear my heart. The Apostle Paul was correct when he spoke of “lifeless things that make sounds…how will anyone know what tune is being played unless there is a distinction in the notes” (I Cor. 14:7)? In today’s world, we are bombarded with sounds of all types, and in the midst of all of the noise, our Heavenly Father is trying His best to communicate with us. Similarly, if He doesn’t seem to be succeeding, He will call for a “time-out,” walk right in and lower Himself into our circumstance, touch us with His grace, look into our hearts, and whisper His will. These are the actions of a loving, Heavenly Father, and we need to expect and be familiar with those special moments. Let’s learn the secret Elijah and others learned--God doesn’t always speak in the wind, the earthquake or the fire (1 Kings 19:12). When He wants to speak into your heart, He will get you alone, where it is quiet, and He will whisper the hook-line from the Verizon commercial, “Can you hear me now? Here is my will for you!”

God Bless You Big!


Let’s learn the

secret Elijah

and others


doesn’t always

speak in the

wind, the

earthquake or

the fire (1 Kings


The Benefits of NMSOM

Builds strong Biblical foundation.

Establishes spiritual formation.

Forges lasting relationships.

Develops ministerial character, ethic, and integrity.

Time measured and cost affordable.

Academically accountable.

Practical in structure.

Flexible and expandable in format.

Instills discipline of study, time and lifestyle.

Affords direct, hands-on involvement in ministerial


NMSOM is a District sponsored and District operated ministerial training program that enables individuals to complete the educational requirements of the fellowship for credentialing. NMSOM uniquely combines home study, classroom instruction, student/mentor relationships and active involvement in ministry to establish his/her ministerial

formation. NMSOM seeks to provide the student with the highest quality instruction and resources possible in a practical and cost effective way. NMSOM gives educational direction, sets an atmosphere for the impartation of Spirit, and guides the student’s spiritual development to equip him/her for effective, full-time ministry.

What is New Mexico School of Ministry?

Page 4: District News Summer 2010


City /church Pastor

Alamogordo-First Crispin**

Alamogordo Mtn. View Lindsey**

Albuquerque All Nations Fragua+

Albuq., Azusa Derry+

Albuq, Revival Church Sutherland+

Albuq, Evangel B Franks**

Albuq., First Family Woodward+

Albuq, Harvest Fellowship C. Johnson**

Albuq, Tramway Comm. Kofahl**

Albuq., Valley Gospel E. Smith+

Anthony, Alfa y Omega Ramirez**

Artesia, Trinity Temple Argo**

Belen, First Assembly G. MacPherson+

Bloomfield, Assembly Wolfard**

Carlsbad, Calvary Price**

Carlsbad, First Coates**

Clayton, First R. Floyd **

Cliff Mountain View Donaghe+

Clovis, Bethel Perry**

Clovis, New Life Assembly Caldwell+

Edgewood, East Mtn Cox+

Estancia, First Assembly Fulfer**

Farmington, First Bardwell**

Farmington, Oasis Joslin*

Grants, Lighthouse T. Garrison**

1 Percent Report for March/April

Hobbs Bethel Hurst**

Hobbs, First Eidson+

Las Cruces, Abndt Life Pinckard**

Las Cruces, Faith Elliott**

Logan, First Garrison**

Lordsburg, Assembly Cooper+

Los Alamos Amburgey+

Los Lunas, Hosanna Crider+

Lovington, Good News Bayes**

Mescalaro Family Worship Luna+

Midway, Midway Assembly Sons**

Mountainair, First Rimer**

Nara Visa, Assembly Haisten**

Newcomb, Assembly Hammond+

Ojo Encino, Assembly Watchman+

Polvadera, First Gates+

Portales, Trinity Assembly K. Fulfer*

Radium Springs, Assembly Sullivan**

Ribera, El Valle De Cristo Youts**

Rio Rancho, Life Fellowship Eggert**

Roswell First Suttle*

San Fidel Smith**

San Jon, First Assembly Ragland**

San Ysidro, Christian Life Loeffler+

Santa Fe, Christian Life Bauman**

Santa Rosa, First Hay+

Shiprock, First Wash Lee*

Silver City, Glad Tidings Burchfield**

Socorro, Family Christian G. Floyd**

Springer, First Clevenger**

Taos Christian Family Gutierrez**

Texico, First Burris**

Tucumcari, First Owen**

Yatahey Calvary Assembly Phillips+

+Giving to 1% Program

*Giving to 1+1 Program

**Giving to both 1% and 1+1 Programs

Among New Mexico District churches,

20 give to the 1 percent program; 35

give to both the 1 percent and 1+1

percent programs; and 4 churches give

to the 1+1 program only.

If you would like more information

regarding either of these ministries,

please feel free to contact the District

Treasurer’s office

Thank you for your faithful support to

the District.


Guest Speakers SEPTEMBER 10-11, 2010



COST $25




Dave Reover


Tom Greene

Page 5: District News Summer 2010


It’s the time of year when I am eager to feel the warmth of

the sun and happy to greet the summer breeze as it passes me

by. Mike and I will put the top down on the convertible and

head to the far corners of the state visiting churches in the

New Mexico District.

Although Mike does most of the driving, I am familiar

with most of the important features on our car. I know, for

example, how to fill the gas tank and how to interpret the

various warning lights on the dash panel. I know how to

operate the CD player, adjust the equalizer on the radio and

locate things that hide in the glove box. Additionally I am

familiar with an apparatus of great convenience...the cruise


No need to watch your speed or to keep your foot on the

accelerator, just set it and forget it! For long drives you can

stretch your legs or if you’re flexible, prop them up on the

dash or let them hang out the window. (Please don’t picture

Mike or me doing these things, I’m merely reporting what I’ve

seen in others.)

Recently I got to thinking about the cruise control. It

struck me that I don’t really think twice about putting

absolute confidence in this mechanism. I click a button and

turn a great deal of control over to a computer in my car. I

then lean back and hurtle down the highway at high speed.

I’m not worried about surrendering to the car, in fact I relax

and enjoy the ride.

Our relationship with the Holy Spirit has some similarities.

When we entrust the

direction and the velocity of

our lives to Him, he does not

fail or disappoint. If He is

truly in control, the ride is

actually quite delightful. We see

more, we relax more, we can change position, we c a n

travel down the road of life and enjoy freedom rather than


In spite of all its benefits, the cruise control does require

something of me. I must maintain the vehicle in which it

resides and I must use it according to the manufacturers’

instructions. So too is our relationship with the One who

dwells in us.

Paul writes in his first letter to Timothy; “ ...I know whom I

have believed, and am convinced that he is able to guard what I have

entrusted to him for that day. What you heard from me, keep as the

pattern of sound teaching, with faith and love in Christ

Jesus. Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you--guard it with

the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.”

My prayer for you as summer approaches is that you will

find time to relax in the unhurried flow of the Lord. May you

be able to confidently surrender control to Him as you

follow the instructions of the Father. And lastly, may you

enjoy the journey as the One who resides in your vehicle sets

your pace all along the way!

Thank you to everyone who planned, helped with,

participated in, and attended “The View for God’s

Women”, at District Council. It was fun to fellowship,

interact and enjoy the company of the incredible women

who are leaders and nurturers in churches across the state.

I was thrilled by the enthusiasm and the number of

women who registered. I have heard many positive

comments and have already been given some great ideas

regarding special fellowship opportunities for Pastor’s wives

and women in ministry during future events.

A special thank you goes to Sharon McClain and Ilda

Vistine. These ladies “bared and shared” at a level that truly

demonstrated their willingness to be vulnerable and

transparent under the spotlight of leadership.

Here’s looking forward to next year!


Women’s Ministries Becky Dickenson

Page 6: District News Summer 2010


Student Ministries Jeral Dickenson

Page 7: District News Summer 2010


Page 8: District News Summer 2010


In Memoriam

Former New Mexico District Superintendent Rev. Raymond Hudson

passed away at the age of 91 on March 30, 2010. He began his

ministry in New Mexico and Texas in 1936. He served as District

Superintendent in New Mexico from 1954 to 1968. In 1969, Brother

Hudson went to the national office to head the Stewardship

Department. He was responsible for establishing the Church Builders

Plan which provides low-cost loans to churches. In 1973, he was

elected General Treasurer at the General Council where he served for

15 years. He retired in 1988 and returned with his wife, Marie, to

New Mexico. Marie currently lives in Lovington, NM.

Transferred In Linda Fischer (O) Hobbs Transferred Out Rodney Shipman (L) AR Newly Certified Cisco Rubio Newly Licensed: Julie Bell Grant Christopher Randall Corley Kelly Fulfer Nate Moore Rena Peters Michelle Redhouse Ken Wozniak Newly Ordained Cristian Beker Justin Crispin Ward Garrison Donald Hay Misty Price Phil Price Reinstated Lovella Burchfield Open Church Tularosa Community Church


We are glad to announce that the Monthly Ministry Report for District Affiliated Churches can be processed on line. Go to www.nmaog.org and click Resources, click on Church, click on District Church Monthly Ministry Report, click on District Church Monthly Ministry Report again. This will allow you to access the report. Fill out the boxes designated in red, and when completed, hit the ‘submit’ button at the top-right hand of the page. The report will come directly to my office and a copy will be forwarded to your Presbyter. These reports are reviewed by Bro. Dickenson and me and then placed in your church file for reference. You can still fill out the form and mail it in the USPS if on-line reporting is not an option for you.

Marcus McClain

New Executive Presbyters

Congratulations to Randy Joslin and Clyde Johnson who were selected by New

Mexico bylaws to serve as executive presbyters for the next year.

Other Passings

Heartfelt condolences go to Dolores Moore and Doyle Chaney, son and

daughter of Sister Beunah Chaney, who passed away on March 22 in


Pastor Raymond Hudson

News of the District

Page 9: District News Summer 2010


Page 10: District News Summer 2010


Guest Speaker Rev. Alton Garrison

Page 11: District News Summer 2010


Audio and video recordings of District Council can be found on our website, www.nmaog.org,

under Media.

Page 12: District News Summer 2010


Deadline for articles and/or information to be included in

the next issue

June 15, 2010



Micheal Dickenson

[email protected]

Assistant Superintendent

David Vistine

[email protected]

Secretary - Treasurer

Marcus McClain

[email protected]


Northwest, Randy Joslin

[email protected]

West Central , Clyde Johnson

[email protected]


East Central, Lemuel Perry

[email protected]

Southwest, David Crispin

[email protected]

Northeast, David McCarty

[email protected]

Native American, Wm. D. Lee

[email protected]

Southeast, Melvin Suttle

[email protected]


Student Ministries

Jeral Dickenson

[email protected]

Women’s Ministries

Becky Dickenson

[email protected]

Girls’ Ministries

Sally Frazee

[email protected]

Royal Rangers’ Commander

Bart Garrison

[email protected]

Senior Adult Ministries

Greg Burchfield

[email protected]

Worship Ministries

Scott Caldwell

[email protected]

6640 Caminito Coors NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120

505.899.5399 fax 505.899.5859 email: nmaog.org

We are now on the web at


New Mexico District Council


May 2010

2 Light for the Lost Day

6 National Day of Prayer

7 Teen Challenge Banquet—Las Cruces

7-8 Royal Rangers Trace

24-26 Senior Adult Ministries Camp Clean Up

31 Memorial Day—District Office Closed

31-June 4 Youth Camp 1—cancelled

June 2010

31-4 Youth Camp 1—cancelled

7-11 Youth Camp 2

14-18 Youth Camp 3

21-25 Kids’ Camp 1

27 NM District Ministers Appreciation Day 28-July 2 Kids’ Camp 2