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  • Mo KarimBusiness Transformation Consultant, CBRE

    D&I: A Journey of Cultural Transformation for Business Success

  • Agenda

    Part 1: Introduction to CBRE The business case for D&IPart 2: Q&A with LinkedIn Conclusion

  • Our vision is to advance CBREs competitive advantage by leveraging the thought leadership of our diverse


  • Our mission is to provide an environment that earnestly

    attracts, embraces, develops, retains and celebrates the

    professional success of every individual.

  • 60*Number of countries

    400*Number of offices

    70,000*Number of Employees

    Excluding GWS /Norland locations

    Notes: *Excludes Affiliates

    CBRE: Global presence

  • What is the business


    Companies with diverse Executive Boards enjoy significantly higher earnings and returns on equity. Research undertaken by McKinsey in 2012 indicates:

    Companies with more diverse executive teams have 53% higher ROEs and achieve 14% higher EBIT margins.

    Companies with female Board members outperformed those without by 26% over the past six years in terms of share price, return on equity, gearing, book value and average growth.

    Workforces that are both diverse and inclusive have 12% higher employee productivity; 19% higher retention; 57% higher team collaboration diversity of thought and therefore innovation; and 42%

    higher team commitment.

    We also know that globalisation and more opportunities for cross border work also calls for a more diverse workforce.

  • Part 2: Q&A with LinkedIn