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  • S-P-A-TRESOURCES NEEDEDS1: Build more classrooms through Adopt-A- School Program and SEF.People PhysicalPesos P1a: Klasrom mo, Sagot ko! A1: Inventory of schools needing classroom construction and repairs. T1: Visit schools. T2: Shortlist schools needing assistance. T3: Prepare and submit final list to the PLGU/ASP secretariat.Division PFCDivision PFC

    Division PFC, PrincipalSupplies, travelSupplies, travel

    Supplies, travelP 75,000.00 A2: Validation of the proposed recipient schools. T1: Conduct of ocular inspection of schools. T2: Prepare validation reports.Provl Engr, DPFC

    -do-Supplies, travel

    Supplies, travel 45,000.00 A3: Approval of Proposed recipient schools. T1: Approve list submitted. T2: Submit list to Engg Dept.Governor, Committee A4: Project Implementation T1: Making of POWs. T2: Procurement of materials. T3: Bayanihan school and community.Provl Engr.PBAC, Finance DeptTeachers, volunteersSuppliesConstruction materials, food12,000,000125,000

  • S-P-A-TRESOURCES NEEDEDS2: Expansion of E-ClassroomPeople PhysicalPesos P1: Computer, Classmate Ko!P5,000,000 A1: Identifying recipient schools. A2: Preparation of learning packages A3: Training of Teachers on the utilization of learning packagesTeachers, parentsDivision and School ICT CoordinatorsTravel, FoodSuppliesTravelFoodS3: Strengthen Alternative Delivery Mode P1: Diploma Ko, Kaya Ko! A1: School mapping for project recipients T1: Prepare list of schools with PARDOs and SARDOs T2: Reproduction of Learning Modules T3: Prepare of list of school recipients T4: Furnish list to the PLGU and partners Governor, committee, SDS, PLGU, partnersBooks, modules, workbooks500,000

  • S-P-A-TRESOURCES NEEDEDS4: Social mobilization to strengthen school, home and community partnershipsPeople PhysicalPesos P2: Sama-sama sa Eskwela! SDS, ASDS, EPS, SHSupplies, IT, 3,000,000 A1: TSNA database generation at Division level A2: Crafting of training plan for every training need of teachers. A3: Funding requirement generation through INSET funds and the Division Office and SEF A4: Capacity building Activities

  • S-P-A-TRESOURCES NEEDEDS5: Expansion of STVEP and capacity building and skills training for teachersPeople PhysicalPesos P1: Teachers Academy ProgramSDS, ASDS, EPS, SHVenue. IT equipment, training materials,P1,000,000 A1: Identifying schools for expansion of STEVP T1: Identifying potential resources T2: Identify schools with urgent needs to offer STVEP based on demands on respective localityEPS, Principals, TeachersSupplies, venue, food A2: Capacity Building and Skills Training Teachers T1: Conduct Training T2: Distribute materials. SDS, EPS, Principals, TeachersSupplies, venue, food, modules

  • S-P-A-TRESOURCES NEEDEDS5: Strengthen ALSPeople PhysicalPesos P1: Pangarap ko, Abutin ko!SDS, ASDS, ALS, SH, DALSC, Mobile Teachers, Literacy Volunteers, LGUVenue Community Learning Center. IT equipment, training materials,P 200,000.00 A1: Advocacy and social mobilization- do - T1: Preparation of campaign materials T2: Attending barangay assemblies T3: Analyze results. A2: Conduct training of DALSCs, MTs, Literacy Volunteers T1: Identify trainers. T2: Training of trainers. T3: Preparation of training schedules. T4: Conduct mass training.

    A3: Generate resources. T1: Prepare project proposals - budgetary requirements. T2: Identification of sources of funds- donors & sponsors.A4: Implement ALS Program (BLP and A&E) T1: Community Literacy Mapping T2: Organized Learning Sessions T3: Production of modules T4: Monitoring

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