diy support? 5 key benefits of managed drupal support

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Promet Source presentation on why your organization might need Managed Drupal Support.


  • 1. DIY Support? 5 Reasons You Need a Support AgreementAndy Kucharski@akucharski@prometsource

2. DIY Support?Support is as important as development inproviding a superior user experienceCan you Do It Yourself?Ask yourself these questions 3. DIY Support?1. Can you describe all functionality of your site interms of your underlying code base?= 4. DIY Support?2. Do you have a proper Dev environment whereyou can test changes to your site? 5. DIY Support?3. Are you using, and are you comfortable with,source control?Source: 6. DIY Support?4. Do you make regular backups of your database? 7. DIY SupportDo you have someone who knows, and canrespond to server side issues?High load issues?Malicious attacks?Updating PHP? 8. DIY SupportHave you answered YES to ALL these questions?If not, you are a candidate for Drupal managedsupportTalk to us!


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