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  1. 1. DIY WEDDING CENTERPIECE IDEAS Weddings require a lot of preparations and planning. There are many aspects to a wedding and wedding decoration, one of them being wedding centerpieces. This aspect is usually sidelined until the end and then you have to rush through the preparations. Therefore dont make such a mistake and go through some fabulous diy centerpieces ideas. Give your wedding the green look with some herbs, geraniums and other green plants nestled in hand painted terra cotta pots. This is great idea for a simple but elegant centerpiece Take clear glassware such as jars or tall glasses and even vases and fill them up with bright colored fruits such as berries, oranges, grapes and apricots. Mason jars are always a hit when it comes to simple yet elegant centerpieces. Place dried foliage, dried flowers or fresh flowers with a simple ribbon tied around the jar. Simple, affordable yet very elegant!
  2. 2. Candles are another favorite as wedding centerpieces. Just place them in fancy candle holders or place them in clear jars and arrange them haphazardly in the center of the table. This will give an alluring look to the table setting. Fill up hurricane vases with water and put a tea light or two inside it. Now add food coloring and a few petal inside it and voila! Your simple yet elegant diy wedding centerpiece is ready! Using lanterns as centerpieces is another excellent, inexpensive wedding centerpiece idea. They are also known as luminaries and can be made out of rice paper or inexpensive photo frames. If you want to make the lantern interesting, you can cut out intricate designs on the paper using cutting mold. Simple place these lantern on the table in an arrangement that fits best and place a single tea light within them. Make pomander balls out of flower confetti and corsage pins pushed into a Styrofoam ball. Once made you can place these balls directly in the center of the table or put them in clear glass vases or cane baskets. In any which way, these balls are bound to add charm to the wedding table. Make hanging lanterns, draped garlands and votive centerpiece using vellum paper. This is an extremely inexpensive idea and can be utilized especially when you are on a tight budget and dont want to indulge in costly centerpieces. Although wedding centerpieces diy seem to be difficult, the above ideas are very easy to execute and also inexpensive so you dont have to worry about the cost factor. Increasing number of brides and their families are turning to practice homemade center pieces in place of expensive centerpieces so that only do they save money but it also adds a personal touch to the wedding table setting. If you want more DIY ideas, you can always check out online sites for inspiration.