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  1. 1. DIY Wedding Ideas By Dana RicciIncorporating do-it-yourself items into weddings is one trend that has been popping upwith increasing frequency. From fashion accessories to favors, throwing in some DIYitems into your wedding will allow you to add a personal and unique touch to yourwedding. Not to mention, its a great way to save money and get exactly what you want.Since its becoming so popular, there are a number of resources on the Internet and inmagazines for fun and easy wedding DIY projects. Here are some of my favorites."Mustache and Muah" chocolate lollipop favors - When it comes to making partyfavors, there arent too many ways to go about it that are more fun than making chocolate.These adorable mustache- and lip-shaped chocolate lollipops will make stylish anddelicious favors for your guests. Plus, the instructions come with a template that you candownload and personalize with your names and wedding colors! Source: The WeddingChicksCrepe Paper Flowers - This helpful how-to from Martha Stewart provides instructionsand patterns for many different types of crepe paper flowers. You can use these inbouquets and boutonnieres or make centerpieces, garland, and other decorations fromthem. The possibilities are endless! Plus, youll get to keep these flowers much longerthan you would fresh flowers. Source: Martha Stewart.
  2. 2. Paper Lanterns - Paper lanterns are always a lovely addition to an outdoor wedding.With these instructions, you can make them match any color or theme. Source: GreenWedding ShoesTerrarium Placeholders - These terrarium-inspired placeholders are sure to be aconversation piece for your guests. Theyre made from Christmas ornaments but dontlook like theyre for the holidays at all. Also, if the garden theme for the terrarium isntyour style or season, you can fill the ornament with sequins, glitter, tinsel, small silk orribbon flowers, shreds of sheet music, or a combination of items. Be creative! Source:Green Wedding ShoesSequin Clutch - Anyone with a plain clutch, some sequins, and a glue gun can make thisbeautiful sequin clutch! Use silver or gold, or find sequins to match your colors. Source:Style Me PrettyPainted Heels - A great way to incorporate a splash of color into your ensemble on yourwedding day - or any day, for that matter - is with colorful shoes. These instructions makeit a piece of cake to make any plain pair of shoes a one-of-a-kind accessory. Source: StyleMe PrettyRemember at Create Excitement, your music selection is always DIY. We offer a numberof options that allow you to personalize the entertainment so it perfectly fits your event!Be sure to browse through our wedding packages for more details.