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  • DL Class LocomotiveFACT SHEET

    The DL Class locomotive was introduced by KiwiRail in 2010. They were the first addition to the freight fleet since the 1980s.

    The order of 20 new locomotives was confirmed in 2009 and the first six arrived in November 2010.

    The locomotives will be deployed around the North Island, including the Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga golden triangle freight route, Bay of Plenty forestry routes and the southern North Island milk route.

    The locomotives have been built by the Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co. Ltd, which is part of the CNR Group, at a cost of approximately $NZ75 million.

    These locomotives and subsequent additions to the fleet will play a critical role in KiwiRails Turn Around Plan - the 10-year programme to create a sustainable rail busines that can stand on its own feet financially.

    The double-cab DLs have a 2700kW engine with similar pulling power to the electric locomotives that are used on the North Island Main Trunk.

    The new locomotives are expected to be 5-10% more fuel efficient when running 1 for 1 replacing the current fleet, and where they replace 2 existing locomotives the fuel saving is towards the 30% mark.

    NAMING OF CLASSESThe DL class name was chosen to reflect the town where they were built - Dalian in north east China. The first of the fleet to arrive in New Zealand is 9008 - the number has special significance in Chinese symbolism with the 9 representing longevity and the 8 prosperity.

    CAB DESIGNKiwiRail locomotive engineers were instrumental in the design of the cab. Three LEs were chosen to represent the organisation and worked closely with the locomotive designers to ensure a set up that met local needs.

  • EXISTING FLEETKiwiRail currently owns 149 mainline locomotives, and much of its diesel fleet now considered underpowered and outmoded by todays standards. The newest locomotives, and most powerful at 4000 hp are 17 EF locomotives built for the electrified section of the North Island Main Trunk in 1988.

    The newest diesel locomotives are the DX class which average 3000hp, were purchased between 1972 and 1976.

    The oldest are the DBR and DC classes which date back to 1965. DC locomotives constitute approximately one third of the current fleet. They are 1500 hp.

    MAIN TECHNICAL PARAMETERSLocomotiveManufacturer Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock, CNR Group, Dalian, ChinaType AC-DC diesel electricWeight 108t 18t axle loadLenght 18500mm over drawgear 18120mm over bodyCab Config Double cab

    Engine and AlternatorManufacturer MTU, GermanyType MTU 20V 4000R43Power 2700kWFuel Electronic Fuel InjectionEmissions Meets EU Stage IIIA standardMain AlternatorManufacturer Yongji Electric Machine Factory, ChinaType JF205 Series product

    Traction motorManufacturer Yongji Electric Machine Factory, ChinaType ZD126C Note: Same type as the 120 traction motors order from Yongji for the

    DX fleet

    BogieManufacturer Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock, ChinaType Three axle Co-Co

    Braking systemManufacturer Wabtec CorporationType Wabtec 26L Pneumatic Air Brake System


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