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  • 1. District Leadership Team December 7, 2011 December 7, 2011
  • 2. 4 Focus Questions for Collaborative Teams What do we want our students toQ1 know, understand, and do? How will we know they are learning?Q2 How willDecember 7, 2011dont learn? we respond when theyQ3 How will we respond when they do learn?Q4
  • 3. Key Objectives1. Review purposes and functions of DLT2. Deepen our engagement with and understanding of collaboration, learning, and results3. Clarify expectations for collaborative team time vs. professional learning time4. December 7, 2011 Collaboratively clarify expectations for core instruction action and PD plans5. Celebrate our work as teams, buildings, and a district
  • 4. Meeting Procedures and Routines Meeting In Case of High Five Documents Emergencies Go to subfolder Look for the high For meetings at DLT Meetings in five as a signal to DEC, have your shared folder for come back buildings Continuous togethera signal administrative Improvement to wrap up your assistant contact look for meeting final point during Judy Sherin in date to locate a discussion as a Teaching and materials and sign of transition Learning at ext. processes (The TLT 6279 Google site and You can check Ning will replace text, emails during need for shared breaks folder)
  • 5. Table Talk: Discovering Creativity (Initially Shared: 8/18/2011)We cant be creative if we refuse to be confused.Change always starts with confusion; cherishedinterpretations must dissolve to make way for thenew. Of course its scary to give up what weknow, but the abyss is where newness lives.Great ideas and inventions miraculously appearin the space of December 7, If we move through not knowing. 2011the fear and enter the abyss, we are rewardedgreatly. We discover were creative. M. Wheatley, 2002
  • 6. The Leading & DoingAs your team reflects on the Wheatley quote, thinkabout what has become clearer about your work asboth participants in and leaders of collaborative teams.Use the form provided to document your responses tothe reflective prompts. What has become clearer about our roles in Decemberwork of collaborative leading and doing the 7, 2011 teams since our first DLT meeting in August? What additional support and/or clarity do you need to move through the abyss?
  • 7. Sharing Our Progress1. As a team, review the results from the self-assessment on learning, collaboration, and results.2. Identify quick wins that have been documented and/or plans that have been established to address each of December the big ideas that have the 7, 2011 greatest impact, greatest need, and/or least resistance.3. Determine why your site chose to focus on each of the three areas you identify.
  • 8. Sharing Our Progress1. When prompted, join Partners A and B Protocol a colleague from 1. Partner A shares. another building and 2. Partner B listens. share one of the three 3. When focus areas: prompted, Partner B learning, collaboration, shares. or results. December 4. Partner A listens. 7, When 20112. Use partners A and B 5. to engage in your prompted, discuss sharing. what you heard being shared.
  • 9. Sharing Our ProgressAs you regroup with your team, discusswhat you heard and what you learned.Document your responses to thefollowing prompts on the handout: December 7, 2011 1. What have we done? 2. What do we plan to do next?
  • 10. 60 Second Lecture1. Identify one of the big ideas about which you would like to share with the whole group.2. Using the 60 Second Lecture protocol, share what December 7, 2011 your site has done and what you plan to do next regarding learning, collaboration, or results.
  • 11. 60 Second Lecture or Pink Flamingo60 Second Lecture ProtocolThe 60 second lecture, alsoknown as the pinkflamingo, requires theperson sharing to report tothe whole group to stand onone-leg and summarize Decembertheir teams reflection on 7, 2011the prompts provided.Preferably, those in yogaare not invited to share.
  • 12. Looking Forward December 7, 2011
  • 13. Be Back in 10 December 7, 2011 .to Continue Our Sharing and Learning!
  • 14. Leading Collaborative TeamsPracticing andrehearsing the work ofteacher teams not onlytrains principals toassist teams within theirbuildings, it increasestheir credibility with December 7,teachers since they have 2011done and can model thework themselves. ~Eaker & Keating
  • 15. Functions of DLT Members (Originally Shared: 8/17/2011)1. Share responsibility to align the work of the district with Effective Schools research2. Model the 3 Big Ideas (focus on learning, collaboration, and results) at the building level to enhance learning and improve student achievement3. December 7, Work in partnership with your 2011 principal to facilitate the development, implementation and monitoring of continuous improvement processes
  • 16. Focusing Our Efforts 1. What does the quote from Eaker and Keating challenge us to do as a district, in our buildings, and during our collaborative team time? 2. What does the quote say December 7, 2011responsibilitythe about the work of leading for doing? 3. Use the reflective form to individually document your thinking.
  • 17. Focusing Our EffortsLocate the number on yourpaper. 0stays 1rotate 1 group clockwise 2rotate 2 groups clockwise December 7, 2011When prompted, share yourresponse about part of thefirst question or the secondquestion.
  • 18. Focusing Our EffortsJoin your number group, formgroups A or B (see bottom ofreflection sheet), and thengenerate what you learned:0what do we need to do as adistrict?1what do we need to do in ourbuildings? December 7, 20112what do we need to do in ourcollaborative teams?Document your groups main ideason chart paper.
  • 19. Focusing Our EffortsRotation Number/Letter Number GroupOA 10B 21A 31B December47, 20112A 52B 6