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DMA, RDMAINFINIBAND vs Gigabit Ethernet

Hallym Univ. Park Chunduck

Bus ArchitecturePerformance Problem

DMADirect memory access(DMA) is a feature of computer systems that allows certain hardware subsystems to access main systemmemory(RAM) independently of thecentral processing unit(CPU).

Gigabit Ethernet1970 Xerox .1998. standard IEEE need optical fiber()2002. fiber standard rectified 2009. 1Gb -> 10Gb Ethernet changejoin high performance server system market

INFINIBANDI/O 1999InfiniBand Trade Association(IBTA) Dell, Intel, Sun, AMD, HP, IBM,, .HPC(High Performance Computing)

InfiniBand network topologyHCA(Host Channel Adapter), It is a bridge connecting the memory controller and TCATCA(Target Channel Adapter), It will I/O equipment (for example, SCSI controller card) digital signal to send to HCA

InfiniBand network topologySwitchTCAHCAGateway

vs. Gigabit Ethernet Ethernet ()Now Gigabit Ethernet can be Big HPC SystemInfiniBand Single HPC InfiniBand High Performance Datacenter need Infiniband

Ethernet in the TOP500mid 2010Infiniband Ethernet Total

Ethernet and Infiniband in "Industry" SegmentInfiniband Ethernet

Number of Ports on TOP500 List and Industry Segment

The TiersThe Uptime Institute categorizes the data centers byfour levels: Tier I, II, III and IV.These levels correspond to a certain number of guarantees on the type of hardware deployed in the data center to ensureredundancy()

The TiersT3(Cold-swap) , T4(Hot-swap)Hot swap : exchanage device when it working

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