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  • 1.Mobile connectsLBi, London#dmamobileWifi LBi PublicPassword - BillnBen

2. Thank you to our sponsor 3. Agenda9.00amRegistration and breakfast9.30amWelcome and introduction to mobile connectsMark Brill, chair of DMA mobile marketing council10.10am Mobile connects with augmented realityStephen Shaw, opportunities director, Blippar10.40am Mobile connects with emotionIlicco Elia, head of mobile, LBi11.20am The mobile health checkMark Brill, chair of DMA mobile marketing council & Ilicco Elia, head ofmobile, LBi12.00pm Questions and summary12.20pm End of event 4. Welcome and introduction to mobileconnectsMark Brill, chair of DMA mobile marketing council#dmamobile 5. [email protected][email protected]!! 6. The problemwithmobile?! 7. Werebecomingsmarter,faster! 8. Every second 4.6 iphones and 8.1 Android devices are sold.!4.2 babies are bornevery second.! 9. 10%! of media time is spent in mobile devices! !7%! of media time is spent in print! ! 10. 80%! of UK smartphone! owners use the device! in conjunction with! other media! !h"p:// 11. 57% of mobile users continue their brand journey through desktop! 12. 54%!of Facebook usersaccess from mobile! 13. More people in China access the internet from mobile than xed lines! 14. 63%!of top 100 brands arenot optimised for mobile! h"p:// 15. How does mobile connectbrand marketing? 16. First we have the tech!SMS/ ResponsiveMMSMessagingIM MobileAdaptive WebPush BluetoothContentUniqueAlertBrandProximity WiFiUtilityApps Third NFC Party 17. We need to think of how it is deployed! BrandingService/ Promotion CRM Mobile can be deployed for ResponseExperientialAdvertising 18. Mobile Can be Used in Different Ways! MOBILE ONLY! MOBILE-CENTRIC!MOBILE ELEMENT! ! ! !Sometimes its all It can be a mobile Or it can be just onebased around mobile! centred integrated element of the interaction,!experience!joining other bits of!!advertising or service! ! 19. Using Mobile asResponse Mechanic 20. Mobile First meansmore mobile searches! 21. How can we usemobile forresponse?! 22. SMS: Print/Door Drop! 23. QR: Print! 24. but only if its done right! Context dwell time/actionable! Targeted and segmented who is our audience?! Mobile destination andincentive!! 25. URL: ABL 26. Social: Like, Tweet or Hashtag 27. Social Check-In 28. Augmented Reality: OOH 29. !It can be quite guerilla ! 30. Audio: ABL! 31. You can even do it with WiFi! 32. Mobile Connects Service! 33. Connects Devices! 34. Or emotion ! 35. Mobile connects with augmented realityStephen Shaw, opportunities director, Blippar #dmamobile 36. Mobile connects with emotion Ilicco Elia, head of mobile, LBi#dmamobile 37. The mobile health check Mark Brill, chair of DMA mobile marketing councilIlicco Elia, head of mobile, LBi#dmamobile 38. Are We Delivering Mobile Hygiene? Browse from your handsetLook up brand terms in How is the experience?Facebook, Twitter etcCan you find what you want onHow is the overall the site?experience?Do Tabs work?Where do links go? Look at natural, paid and local search Are the results optimised? Do you use mobile functions (C2C, maps etc)? Are the results consistent? What happens if I respondSearch the app stores via mobile?Are there official apps? Is it clearly sign-posted Is it clear which apps are search, URL, social etc?for what purpose?Are other appsreferencing your brand? 39. Mobile Email 40. Mobile Search 41. Mobile Search (#fail) Natural 42. Mobile Search (#fail) Natural 43. Location Search Brand 44. Mobile Advertising 45. Apps and App Store 46. Social Media 47. Social Media (#fail) 48. Mobile Social Media 49. Social Location 50. Where are we going? EMERGING MOBILE Slide 53 51. Content driven brands ASOS Fashion Up is a good example of a fashion brand using mobile as a content plaSorm. The app has allowed them to reach new markets out side the UK. 52. Shops wont be shops 53. Consumers redene retail! 54. The future of data? 55. And it wont be brand led! 56. New forms of messaging 57. Maybe therell still be SMS 58. Thank You! DMA Mobile Council infographic-mobile-search-2012 [email protected] 59. Questions and summary #dmamobile 60. Thank you for attendingMake sure you check out our 2013 events calendar on ourwebsite!