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  • 1. The most importantquestions a person canconsider. Your belief in theexistence of god hasenormous implicationson your view of life,humanity, moralityand destiny

2. God is oftenconceived assupreme being orprincipal object offaith.Is said to beOmniscience,Omnipotence,Omnipresence,Omni benevolence,divine simplicity,eternal andnecessaryexistence. 3. Things happen in lives that have no explanation otherthan GodWe sense His presence, we know His love, we desireHis graceWe speak to Him everyday 4. The fine tuning of theuniverse for the intelligentlifeThe limitation of scienceGod makes sense ofobjective moral values inthe worldThe evidence of miracles 5. The universe displays an amazinglycomplex level of interdependencywhich logically leads to theconclusion that it was designed thatway.There are just too manycoincidences of such "just rightness"for it too be a random haphazardcoincidence.The earth is "just the right" distancefrom the Sun; it contains "just theright" mixture of chemicals and gasesto sustain life; humans have "just theright" ability to breath these gases;the human body has "just the right"synergy of internal organs in order tofunction, and so on. 6. Scientific method islimited to a processdefined by that which ismeasurable andrepeatable. Bydefinition, it cannotspeak to issues ofultimate origin,meaning, or morality.For such answers,science is dependent onthe values and personalbeliefs of those who useit.Therefore I believethings that cant beexplained by Science isthe God secrets.All science can do isshow us how natural lawworks, while telling usnothing about itsorigins. 7. Each of us are born with an innate sense of morality. We eachfundamentally know what is right and wrong.It is incredible to consider that no matter time, culture, geographiclocation, or people, the Moral Law has been universallyacknowledged.This tends to confirm that all of creation bears the finger-prints of aCreator who is fundamentally good and right.That is, we each share a knowledge of what is right and wrong notjust because we are taught or conditioned to accept these values,but because we are born with them. 8. Some people admitted intothe hospital Predicted to have 3monthslife or so / diagnosed to havecancer Then successfully live morethan predicted life cycle 9. I strongly believe that god exist He (The Lord) have the reason tocreate everything like this or likethat. We dont need to question somuch since He has His own plan.