Do Healthy Employees=Happy Employees=Productive Employees?

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Do Healthy Employees=Happy Employees=Productive Employees?</p> <p>Moderator: Lynnette McIntire, Teaching Fellow, The Boston College Center for Corporate CitizenshipTom Spring, Director of Wellness and Community Relations, Health Alliance Plan of MichiganCarrie Wolter, Senior Vice President, Community Affairs Program Manager, Wells FargoCourtney Finnigan, Manager, Global Internal Communications, New Balance Athletics, Inc.Gina West, Manager, Community Investment &amp; Engagement, Fannie Mae</p> <p>1</p> <p>Wellness Programs Abound, but there is controversy</p> <p>Among working-age adults with work-provided insurance, 48 percent say their employer offers some type of wellness program</p> <p>27 percent of those say their employer offers a partici- patory program, 2 percent who say their employer offers an outcome-based program, and 16 percent who say they offer both types of programs.2 </p> <p>What is HAP?Health Alliance Plan of MichiganCommunity-based, non-profit Michigan regional health plan offering HMO, PPO, Medicare and Medicaid plans to southeastern and mid-MichiganCommercial fully insured and self-funded, exchange plan tiersBusiness unit of Henry Ford Health System with integrated care and coverage delivery networksStrong commitment to community engagement and stewardship focused on health and wellbeing</p> <p>HAPs Corporate Mission: Enhancing the health and well-being of the lives we touch</p> <p>MissionDesign and deliver market-leading health and well-being programs to influence healthy behaviors at work, at home and in the community</p> <p>VisionEducate and empower people to engage in healthy behaviors to reduce unnecessary health care burden, improve productivity and performance, and cultivate healthier communities</p> <p>2</p> <p>Comprehensive Wellness StrategyHAP wellness resources are available across the continuum of our membership, insured groups, and communities served</p> <p>2015 Disaster Preparedness Webinar Series The correlation | preparedness &amp; emotional health</p> <p>Carrie WolterCommunity Affairs Program ManagerWells Fargo Government &amp; Community Relations </p> <p>2016 Boston College International Corporate Citizenship ConferenceBreakout Session: Do Healthy Employees = Happy Employees = Productive Employees?Monday, March 21; 10:30 11:45 a.m. </p> <p>6</p> <p>Brief Background | WhatWells Fargo worked with the American Red Cross to co-develop a disaster preparedness education quarter webinar series in 2015.Webinars held each quarter for all Wells Fargo managers across the U.S. (~39,000 invitation list)Managers were encouraged to share webinar replay with their teams.Separate webinars were held for managers inside and outside the U.S. This was a first-of-its kind webinar series for American Red Cross that provided the opportunity to repurpose and make available for other companies.Webinars highlighted key internal resources that support emotional well-being of team members including:WE Care FundEmployee Assistance Counseling (EAC) team </p> <p>Brief Background | WhatThe We Care Fund provides grants to team members who face a financial hardship after a disaster situation or other event deemed beyond their control. </p> <p>Examples of assistance include:Basic living expensesHome repairs as a result of a disasterDisaster-related evacuation expensesSince 2003, more than $5.6M has been granted to team membersEmployee Assistance Counseling (EAC)EAC offers a comprehensive menu of free services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for team members and their household family members. Confidential individual consultations and referrals are provided to assist with personal or work-related problems including:Personal, relationship, and family difficultiesDepression, anxiety or other emotional concernsAnd much more</p> <p>Brief Background |Why Alignment with our Company CultureTies to our Vision and Values: We want to be an employer of choice, a company that really cares about people, where teamwork is valued and rewarded, where how the work gets done is just as important as getting the work doneTies to our Human Rights Statement: We respect the human rights of our team members. We strive to foster safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces, including building and maintaining sustainable work environments where discrimination and harassment are not tolerated. Risk Mitigation | Business and ReputationImprove well-being of our Team MembersDisasters typically bring about significant stress, especially for children. The more prepared our team members and their family members are, the better they will be likely to handle stress during a disaster.Knowing our team members are better prepared will help them stay calm and clear-headed in the face of a disaster in order to make safe decisions for themselves and their loved ones.</p> <p>9</p> <p>Brief Background | When10QuarterDateTopic of Focus1January 28Tornadoes &amp; Floods2April 29Hurricanes &amp; Extreme Heat3July 29Wildfires &amp; Home Fires4October 28Earthquakes &amp; Severe Winter Weather </p> <p>QuarterDateRegion of Focus (Topic will vary based on country)1February 25India2June 24Philippines &amp; Asia Pacific3September 9Europe, Middle East &amp; Africa (EMEA)4November 4Latin America</p> <p>Webinars Outside the U.S. Webinars Inside the U.S. </p> <p>Brief Background |Results </p> <p>11Survey Statement Asked Each QuarterAverage Score(1-5)I feel more prepared at home should I experience this disaster in the future.4.08I plan to follow the steps outlined by the Red Cross to be prepared should a disaster strike.4.10I plan to share the information learned from this webinar with my family and friends.4.08I feel more prepared at work should I experience this disaster.4.02I have a better understanding as to how Wells Fargo prepares and responds to this disaster.4.16I plan to share this webinar with my Wells Fargo team.4.01Overall, this webinar was a good use of my time.4.10</p> <p>Quarter# Webinar Attendees#Survey Respondents% Survey Response 1198137019%2153727918%3124420316%417871257%Total 654997715%</p> <p>Fannie Maes Initiative</p> <p>BCCCC 2016 International Corporate Citizenship Conference March 20-22, 2016 </p> <p>Harnessing the Health Benefits of Volunteer Service</p> <p>presented by Gina West</p> <p>#</p> <p>Community Investment &amp; Engagement (CIE)</p> <p>#Community Investment &amp; Engagement (CIE)Month YearPresentation Title Goes Here12Month dd, yyyyPresentation Title12</p> <p>BCCCC 2016 International Corporate Citizenship Conference March 20-22, 2016 : Strategically Increasing the Value Proposition of Service</p> <p>#Community Investment &amp; Engagement (CIE)Month YearPresentation Title Goes Here13Month dd, yyyyPresentation Title13the London School of Economics examined the relationship between volunteering and measures of happiness, they found the more people volunteered, the happier they were. Volunteering builds empathy, strengthens social bonds and makes you smile all factors that increase the feeling of love.</p> <p>A Corporation for National &amp; Community Service report noted: Research demonstrates that volunteering leads to better health those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer.</p> <p>: Our Key Programs</p> <p>BCCCC 2016 International Corporate Citizenship Conference March 20-22, 2016 </p> <p>#Community Investment &amp; Engagement (CIE)Month YearPresentation Title Goes Here14Month dd, yyyyPresentation Title145k Run Walk3-on-3 Basketball TournamentVolleyball TournamentPing Pong Tournament</p> <p>15</p> <p>Engages entire familyEducation and toolsFormalized goalsLinked to health insurance premiumsProvides financial incentives </p> <p>On-site health coachingAcute care and chronic condition services Delivering results; risk-factor reduction and saving company funds </p>