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  • 1. Titile: Do-it-yourself Home Repairs Safety Tips Article Summary: This generation is Do-it-yourself era, where people are doing home renovation by themselves. But in order to keep yourself safe and accident-free Checking your power tools, being careful when working at heights, researching and a handy first aid kit would help you while repairing. There are also home repair that you should not do like, repairing serious electrical wirings and roof repairs and they should be taken care of a professional to avoid serious injuries. Article Body: This generation is the DIY era, an era where people are curious about everything, from crafting chair for only $10 to diagnosing and roof repairs cheaply and using with your own hands. There are many individuals who are filming their self doing Do-it-yourself experiments for YouTube, It can be for fame, for the money, or they simply wanted to share their knowledge in the world. Accidents in DIY and home improvement are unavoidable. Home improvement accidents can make anyone rushed to the emergency room. Thousands of people in US are sent into Hospitals each year for DIY home improvement accidents. There are many failed DIY videos in YouTube that testifies accidents are caused by poor safety check or its either they are careless, or not focused on the task. People making these videos forgot that the essential element in performing DIY or in constructing which is safety. 4 Helpful tips that could save your life 1. Check your power tools Before you start a DIY project or considered to start working on home improvement, always remember to check if your power tools if it is working. People could be borrowing power tools from neighbors or if you have old power tools, always remember to inspect tools for broken casing, damaged power cords. Never use damaged products or never attempt to use it if there is strange noise coming from it. 2. Be careful when working at Heights There are hundreds of people who had fallen from height doing repairs around their home. When working at heights make sure to maintain safe work environment to prevent accidents that could lead to injuries. Ladder safety including securing the ladder must always be followed. When you want to replace your home vinyl sidings, it is better to get constructing services that would save you the trouble.

2. 3. Research DIY videos can really be convincing. You can watch the whole procedure for about 9 minutes and there are steps which are not somehow applicable in every situation. Make sure to research first if the information conveyed in the DIY video is correct. It would help you to work safe without thinking twice if the procedure given in the video are accurate and safe. 4. Keep a first aid kit handy If you are a professional or an amateur home repair expert, always keep in mind that safety should always go first. You would feel safe by just grabbing First aid kit beside you, make sure to grab easy to carry kit where you can open it quickly when you need it. Make sure it is well stocked and filled for what you need. Home repairs that you should never do We cant do everything. Many people think that they can do everything and the DIY madness put people lives in danger. Paying a professional could help you save your life. These are task that we should leave to a professional. 1. Installing Vinyl Siding Installing vinyl sidings should be handled by professionals. There are parts of installing vinyl sidings which requires working at heights. Installing vinyl sidings should be taken care of three or more person for support. If you seriously wanted to install vinyl sidings, ask service from construction team that may save you the trouble of falling at heights. 2. Serious Electrical Repairs Anything that involves electricity should be approached carefully. You can do easy minor repairs such as changing a light switch or installing a ceiling fan, as long as you turned off before you start. But if the repair goes beyond a simple fixture like replacing or extending circuits, it is best to call for an emergency repairman. If you choose to repair the problem, one wrong move could burn your house down or a shock that could result in injury or death. For safety purposes, its better to call for an electrician or an emergency repair team to help you settle the trouble. 3. Roofing Repairs 3. Minor roofing repairs like changing gutter work and repairing minor shingle repair may not be that risky, but repairing a roof is not applicable and recommended for do-it-yourselfers because its easy to fall at heights. If you are not professional roof contractor or repairer, spare yourself the trouble of repairing it. It could lead you to falling while going up or going down after the job is done. Aside from the danger involved, roofing repairs requires experience to getting it right. You can think that you have resolved the problem but it could also lead to greater problems when not done well. Remember to leave your roof problems with people who have knowledge in construction and roofing. There is nothing wrong with do-it-yourself renovations and repairs, if you seriously want to save money you can make simple repairs that are not life threatening. But if the repairs are serious that requires extreme knowledge; do not hesitate to call for emergency repair team or home renovators. It could save you time and your safety. It is alright to save couple of dollars for repairs, but always remember that dont let little savings be a threat to your own life.