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  • Do-it-Yourself Tricks to Keep Your House Clean

    Remember there is no better place than a clean home because a clean home is a healthy home. We

    all want our home to be clean and tidy but sometimes our homes get dirtier and shabbier due to our

    laziness or just other priorities that take precedent.

    Here are a few do-it-yourself tricks that will help you achieve a clean home in less time.

    Clean your mattress Mattress is one such thing without which we cannot sleep, it is also one such thing that cannot be washed. Or can it be? Well, yes, you can clean your mattress using vodka, yes you heard that right! Transfer vodka into a spray bottle, spray lightly all over the mattress and let it air dry. The science behind it is that the alcohol will kill the bacteria, which causes the odor while at the same time it will disinfect the mattress. Feeling lazy to dust your home Im sure you are aware of Swiffer Socks, these socks are so cozy that it will make you feel like a baby. So how can you use these socks to make your home dust free? It is simple, just put on your swiffer socks, and walk around the entire house. Congratulations, you have dusted your home just by walking around. Use vinegar to remove hard water stains from glass crockery Hard water stains are very difficult to clean, and we all feel bad when they stain our favorite or exclusive glass crockeries. However, we do have a solution to remove the hard water stain with ease and at the same time keep our glass crockeries completely new. All you have to do is dip a soft piece of cloth in vinegar and clear the stain by rubbing the crockery gently.

  • Broken glass catcher It is always so difficult to find and pick the tiniest pieces of broken glass and it is even worse if you have kids at your home. However, there is a simple solution to this complex problem instead of hand use a piece of bread. Yeah thats right, press a piece of white bread over the area where the glass broke and the surrounding area to pick up even the tiniest pieces of glass. Cutting Board Cutting board always gets dirty with food stains and at times, it is also time consuming to clean it.

    One easy way to clean it with ease is by using lemon. Cut the lemon in half and rub down your

    plastic or wooden cutting board. Let it sit for approximately 15-20 minutes and then wash it. This

    should remove any food stains and make your cutting board look new again.

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