Do You Know How to Prepare a Car for Shipping?

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Learn how to prepare a car for shipping in a minute. We have summed up the most important details for you here. In this quick guide you will find what you need to do. I hope it is helpful. Thanks!


Learn how to prepare car for shipping quickly

Learn how to prepare a car for shipping quicklyCorsia Logistics

IntroWhen you are relocating or going for a long vacation you may need to ship your vehicle. First, you will need to research and find acar transport company.

Our team will be happy to help you move your vehicle, we will explain the process and provide you with fast and fair car transport rate.

Second, you need to decide on pick-up and delivery dates and schedule your service. Now, after all, you need to prepare your car for shipping.

Preparing for Shipping Steps:Detail / Wash your vehicle.Take down any aftermarket accessories.Disable all car alarms.Do not top off your gasoline.Check your vehicle with a mechanicVerify the car shipper insurance.Ask how to track your vehicle.The Long List:Detail / Wash your vehicle.Clean it inside and out so you can do a thorough inspection. This will make it easy to check for scratches and dings on the outside and mark down any wear and tear on the interior. Take photos to document the condition of your vehicle at pick-up and compare with delivery.

Take down any aftermarket accessories.Secure or remove any spoilers, ski racks or other detachable elements as these can damage the vehicle during transport. Also, make sure convertible tops and windows are secured and closed properly.

Disable all car alarmsor make sure you have given instructions to the car transport company how to disconnect it in case the alarm goes off.

Do not top off your gasoline.It is recommended that you leave less than half a tank gas for the company to load and unload the vehicle.

Check your vehicle with a mechanicto make sure there are no fluid leaks and the breaks are working properly. Make sure the tires are also in a good shape and fully inflated. If you have fluid leaks tell the company so they can avoid leaks on other cars.

Verify the car shipping insurance.Ask the auto transport company about their insurance policy, they can tell you for how much your vehicle is insured during transit and send you a copy of the policy.

Ask how to track your vehicle.Most auto transport companies will explain that when you ask. With us you can track your vehicle live by calling us during business hours or emailing at anytime.

Thats it!You are now ready to ship a car.

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Thank you!