documents kill context! so let's kill documents!

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Mike Rohrmueller's ignite talk at the 2011 Global Ignite week - initiated by O'Reilly. The speech was given in Nuernberg, Germany on Feb. 10 2011.The presentation is about the problems static content-keeping - as in documents - will bring with the increasing complexity of information.


  • 1. Documents killContext!... so lets kill the Documents!by Michael RohrmuellerCEO PIXELMECHANICS.deNuernberg, Germany, 10.02.2011, #ignue

2. The Problem! Context starts off on- 1 Page- 1 email- 1 bill- 1 letter(c)ickr: rwcitek 3. And soon it becomes this... a stack of papers...... or emails no consistency no relevance rating no context(c)ickr: striatic 4. Imagine a case at court! Youve got a Claim! 5. Soon everybody wrote astatement 6. It all relates to differentparts of the Claim! 7. Complexity reigns...! 8. And courts often donteven allow electronicdevices.... ... so a DMS wont help! 9. The same is the problemwith billing! YOU write a bill YOU send it by mail (or with a signature asPDF) 10. your CLIENT has to put it into his financialsystem your clients accountant will do it allagain........NUTS! 11. and the TAX AUTHORITY will do it again... TOTALLY NUTS! 12. so why did we kill.... 13. ... it was the closest to asolution! ADD, where it makes sense! bring all kinds of media TOGETHER! CENTRALIZE! 14. So we need to... ...FREE context from PHYSICALISM! 15. So we need to... .... RELATE not SEND! (c)ickr: rwcitek 16. Understand! (c)ickr: rwcitekContext has noboundaries! 17. Plattforms.... ... who cares! 18. Context needs to be free ofall constraints! 19. Context is Data! .... so Context needs to be universally usable!XML, APIs, Digital BillingData Standards... 20. Thank you! MICHAEL ROHRMLLER PIXELMECHANICS | Webproduktion ... and on !