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  • 1.
  • 2.
    • You have two minutes to study the posters. Go to the poster in the room you most agree with be prepared to say why you went to this poster
    • 1) Britishness is all about tea, cricket and green villages
    • 2) Britishness is dead
    • 3) Britishness cannot be defined. Even people who live in the same period disagree about what Britishness means
    • 4) Britishness is about tolerance and clubbing together when times are hard
    • 5) Britishness can not be defined. It is constantly changing.
    • 6) Britishness never existed. Other people believe other things such as the region they live in are more important. They believed that in the eleventh century and as think of England showed they believe it now
    • 7) Britains history is one of constant immigration the Romans, the
    • Normans, French Hugeunots, Jews from all over the world, Jamaicans, Indians
    • all these people brought something different, therefore Britishness has
    • never really existed
  • 3. How did Britain become so diverse? Are we all immigrants really? What have immigrants contributed to British society? How was the UK formed? How were Jamaicans treated when they came to Britain? How has immigration changed Britain? Diversity Multiculturalism
  • 4.
    • Content:
    • By the end of this lesson you will be able to:
    • Explain what people in 2008 think it means to be British
    • Explain why interpretations of Britishness have changed over
    • time
    • Construct an interpretation of Britishness
    • Skills:
    • By the end of this lesson you will have learnt how to :
    • Summarise information. Breaking down lots of information into a
    • few key points
    • This lesson will benefit me because:
    • It will enable me to better understand the people around me and help me think about my own national identity
  • 5.
    • Mass immigration
    • London 2012
    • Feeling of loss of national identity
    • Terrorism
    • Individuality
  • 6.
    • Make a list of all the things this group of people think makes up identity
    • Write down one phrase that most interests you
  • 7.
  • 8. The bbc is appealing for more stories about identity People are sometimes sterotyped because of their facial features People like to put other people in little boxes Identity is not something that is fixed Being given the wrong label often causes annoyance or offence You should be proud of your heritage Often prejudice results from a lack of understanding Food is an important part of national identity Being labelled at all can cause damage
  • 9.
    • Now look at The Broomfield History Departments
    • A3 sheet showing what they think Britishness
    • in 2008 is about
    • Make a final list of ten words to sum up what we think
    • Britishness is about
    • Look closely at the images. What clues are there as to the why
    • People in 2008 might have different ideas of Britishness than
    • people in 1940?
    • How might our interpretation be influenced by us being history
    • teachers, living and working in North London?
  • 10.
    • You have 3 minutes to:
    • Add 3 words to you list
    • Are there any you would take away?
  • 11.
    • Although different people seem to
    • have thought different things about
    • being British at similar times in history, there are some
    • general points we can make about how ideas of Britishness
    • have changed.
    • In 1940 some people in Britain thought that Britishness was about.....
    • By 2008 this has changed some people now see Britishness as about......
    • This changed has happened because....
  • 12.
    • What do you think Britishness is?
    • Why has it changed?
    • Why do people hold different opinions of it?
    • How did you sum up what you
    • thought?
    • Are there any useful words or
    • phrases you can use to sum up?
  • 13.
    • To be successful:
    • Come up with at least five images
    • Under each image fully explain your choices
    • E.g.
    I have chosen this image because it shows being British is not just about England, but also Scotland Ireland and Wales I have chosen this image because it shows being British is now about being culturally diverse