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  • 1. DOGSPamela Hernndez RamirezA01334616
  • 2. The best friend of the man The dog is considerate the best friend of the man because we use to have them as a pet since a long time ago or more than that, a family member. In the case of the Mayas they use the dogs as divinebeings, they put the dogs in their graves to guide them to the heaven.
  • 3. The little ones For the society, the small dog is only a toy or an accessory, but they are wrong, it is more than that ... They don t care if we by them a dress or shoes, they don t even they need it or care, they only need play or feel love.
  • 4. The big ones So many people that the big ones are only for security, but that is wrong, they need love and play too, also the big ones are for the police and they can be the eyes for a blind person. They are very smart. They also help people with disabilities.
  • 5. The homeless dogs The dogs that live in the street, almost all of them,they used to live in a house, but the people let them go or they got lost.
  • 6. They are. They are very loyal Pretty.

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