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  • Public Relations PoRtfolio

  • The following pages detail a proactive public relations campaign executed by Diana Sanicki, Marketing Manager for Doka USA, Ltd., representing Doka USA since 2007, and Constructive Communication, Inc. a U.S. PR firm that specializes in the concrete industry on behalf of Doka USA since June 2009. The goal of the program has been to deliver key messages related to Dokas safe, fast and efficient solutions. Key targets include the design and construction trades in the U.S. and Canada. More than 4,209,000 readers have been reached with an ad dollar equivalency of approximately US-$776,550. Further, more than 110 pages of press have been published as a result of Dokas PR efforts.

    The program balances a variety of case studies, technical and how-to articles, as well as editorial briefings. At program onset, many editors and journalists were unaware of Doka, but they now are contacting Doka as an expert source for their publications. Evidence of Dokas increased presence has carried over to press conferences delivered at the World of Concrete and other industry trade shows, with a growing number of editors in attendance every year.

    AwArd-winningIn addition to delivering key messages that help to brand and sell Doka solutions, the Doka USA PR campaign has been recognized with several prestigious industry awards.

    Hermes Platinum Award & MarCom Platinum Award

    In 2010, Dokas PR campaign was recognized with a Hermes Platinum Award and a MarCom Platinum Award - international competitions for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional and emerging media. These prestigious awards are presented to those entries judged to be among the most outstanding in the competition and are recognized for their excellence in terms of quality, creativity, and resourcefulness.

    Public Relations PoRtfolio

  • Public Relations PoRtfolio

    Summit Award

    In 2009, Doka was awarded a Summit International Bronze-level award for the Formwork Safety campaign. The Summit Creative Award recognizes and celebrates the creative accomplishments of small and medium sized advertising agencies and other creative companies throughout the world with annual billings of under $30 million.

    cover storiesDoka USA, Ltd. has been featured in several industry publications cover stories. In August 2010, Dokas Top 9 Formwork Challenges for Concrete Contractors was featured in Concrete Construction Magazine. In the summer 2009 edition, Dokas Challenging high-rise in USAs windy city was featured in Concrete Engineering International. Further, in the January 2009 edition of Concrete Construction Magazine, Dokas Building the Fountainbleau article made the cover.

    World of Concrete, Most Innovative Products Awards

    In 2009, Doka won a Most Innovative Products (MIP) Award at the World of Concrete (WOC) for the Table Lifting System (TLS). This is the second time the TLS was recognized with a

    significant award since its launch in the United States in 2007. In November, the Table Lifting System received the NOVA Award

    from the Construction Innovation Forum (CIF). The CIF

    is an international, non-profit organization formed in 1987 to recognize and encourage innovation that improves quality and reduces cost of construction.

    Doka was recognized in 2010 with another MIP award. Under the formwork category, Dokas revolutionary new shoring

    system, Staxo 100 has been selected as a winner.

    Further, Doka received the 2011 MIP award under the formwork category. Selected as the winner was Dokas new Frami Xlife, a complete

    system for forming walls, columns and


    The MIP contest acknowledges innovation in the concrete and masonry construction industry. A total of 79 entries in 9 categories were submitted, with 25 winners selected. Each entry was reviewed for their unique attributes and contributions to the concrete industry by the readers of Concrete Construction, Concrete & Masonry Construction Products, Masonry Construction, and The Concrete Producer; World of Concrete attendees; as well as a panel of industry experts.




  • dokA Xpress: the Formwork mAgAzine The Doka Xpress is a biannual publication that is sent to customers, prospective customers and industry professionals. Featuring current projects and the most innovative products from Doka, this publication reaches approximately 10,000 readers.

    pr success The chart to the right depicts the overall success of the PR activities in 2009, 2010 and 2011 (as of 5/11). The graph shows the PR expenses compared to the ad dollar equivalency and provides a clear picture of Dokas increased exposure to the media since 2009.








    2009 2010 2011 (as of 5/11)

    1,497,343 710,405 741,038TotalCirculation

    PR ExpensesAd $ Equivalency

    Public Relations PoRtfolio

  • dokA public relAtions summAry: June 2009 - mAy 2011

    FeAture Articles Article content/title dAte length circulAtion Ad equiv.

    GoStructural.Com Manufacturer's turn: form follows function aug-07 2 31,357 $2,885.00

    Modern Contractor Solutions

    oregon combined aug-07 1.5 30,000 $5,850.00

    Concrete Monthly Portland tunnel-combined sewer overflow Key to overhaul

    sep-07 2 20,000 $5,000.00

    Concrete Monthly formwork systems ensures Millenium Gate success

    nov-07 1.5 20,000 $3,750.00

    Concrete Today DoKa's unique forming system speeds Devil's slide bridge construction

    nov-07 4 9,700 $6,700.00

    Engineering News-Record Devil's slide bridge nov-07 0.5 71,142 $6,010.00

    Concrete Today Millenium Gatebridging Past and future Dec-07 3 9,700 $5,025.00

    Concrete Monthly Dokaflex floor slab form system cuts Development's Parking Deck cost

    Dec-07 1 20,000 $2,500.00

    Concrete Products Doka, saluting the Past, solidifying the future (Millenium Gate)

    Dec-07 1 19,818 $6,535.00

    Modern Contractor Solutions

    formwork for fontainebleau Resort Dec-07 2 30,000 $7,800.00

    Design Cost Data Doka's formwork system achieves Pristine architectural concrete finish on university of Pennsylvania campus

    Dec-07 1.5 13,000 $3,285.00

    Concrete Contractor formwork Key at Millenium Gate Jan-08 2 30,000 $7,810.00

    Design Cost Data E-News Doka's formwork system achieves Pristine architectural concrete finish on university of Pennsylvania campus

    Jan-08 1.5 21,000 $3,285.00

    Concrete Construction Veer tower - forming systems Jan-08 brief 70,005 $1,000.00

    Concrete Products DoKa formwork finesses concrete finish at Penn Jan-08 1 19,818 $4,901.00

    Engineering News-Record first use of table-lifting system in u.s. speeds construction for Michigan Project

    Jan-08 0.5 71,142 $6,010.00

    Concrete Monthly DoKa formwork system used on longest na cable-stay bridge span

    feb-08 1 20,000 $2,500.00

    Construction Magazine DoKa lifting system speeds up Project Mar-08 2 8,456 $2,732.00

    Concrete Engineering Int'l formwork solution is fit for the opera apr-08 2 10,000 $4,722.00

    Engineering News-Record Devil's slide bridge apr-08 0.5 71,142 $6,010.00

    Herald News - Chicago DoKa Relocates to $12 Million facility apr-08 0.5 43,500 $2,500.00

    Public Relations PoRtfolio

  • FeAture Articles Article content/title dAte length circulAtion Ad equiv.

    dokA public relAtions summAry: June 2009 - mAy 2011 (continued)

    Concrete International lifting system frees up crane time May-08 1 15,038 $3,675.00

    Concrete Today towering above the Rest May-08 3 9,700 $5,025.00

    Concrete Monthly audi Murphy Va Hospital Renovation, Design Requires use of DoKa formwork

    May-08 1 20,000 $2,500.00

    Engineering News-Record unique formwork systems Prove to be solution for bridge Project

    May-08 0.5 71,142 $6,010.00

    Concrete International X-climb Jun-08 0.5 15,038 $1,838.00

    Concrete Construction DoKa usa Holds open House Jun-08 brief 70,005 $1,000.00

    Texas Contractor lightweight concrete forms - Just the Prescription Jun-08 1 6,762 $1,421.00

    Structural Engineer a formwork formula - tips for success Jul-08 3 31,357 $17,307.00

    Concrete Monthly forming system speeds Record-breaking bridge Project

    Jul-08 1 20,000 $2,500.00

    Modern Contractor Solutions

    Working safely With formwork Jul-08 1.5 30,000 $5,850.00

    Design Cost Data Doka's Modular formwork Helps Quickly complete Va Hospital Renovations

    Jul-08 1.5 13,000 $3,285.00

    Design Cost Data Doka's forming system speeds construction of the eden Prairie Windosr Plaza

    Jul-08 1 13,000 $2,190.00

    Structural Engineer three Pnc Plaza Project aug-08 2 31,357 $11,538.00

    Concrete Contractor DoKa Has announced that Mair Has been named ceo

    aug-08 brief 30,000 $1,000.00

    Concrete Today formwork system eases tight schedule at Miami international airport

    sep-08 1 9,700 $1,675.00

    Concrete Engineering Int'l DoKa usa announces new ceo sep-08 0.5 10,000 $1,200.00

    Modern Contractor Solutions

    Job Goes according to form sep-08 1.5 30,000 $5,850.00

    Western Construction News

    technology accelerates lRt Project sep-08 2 7,400 $7,990.00

    Engineering News-Record legacy Profile nov-08 0.5 71,142 $6,010.00

    International Construction

    DoKa Receives noVa award for table lifting system

    nov-08 1 25,020 $4,600.00

    Concrete Monthly form system completes the score (the Rhythm @ Music Row)

    nov-08 1 20,000 $2,500.00

    Public Relations PoRtfolio

  • FeAture Articles Article content/title dAte length circulAtion Ad equiv.

    dokA public relAtions summAry: June 2009