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Domestic HVAC Maintenance Tips

You definitely have installed a number of home appliances in your house but chances are high that the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is the most expensive. Because of this fact, most discerning homeowners will make sure that regular HVAC maintenance is performed so as to allow the system work efficiently. When you invest in taking good care of your HVAC unit you can only expect it to run optimally and it serve you for a few years without any hassle. When you know that your HVAC related bills can occasionally nu higher than normal as a result of lack of proper HVAC maintenance; you want to make sure that you play your role in preventing breakdowns that could have been avoided in the first place.

The compressor: The next you want to keep an eye on the compressor; this refers to the outdoor unit. It is your responsibility to ensure that it remains free from all forms of dirt, leaves or debris that could be lying on top of it. Remember that the compressor is the most expensive part of your AC and since it is located outside there are high chances it will become dirty; check and clean once every month.

Check the hoses: The first step towards HVAC maintenance is to ensure that you have kept an eye on the units hoses. This should ideally be done twice a year and especially during the spring and the fall. This allows you to check for any kind of leakage that can be spotted on the hoses. Should you spot any small leaks, you can easily seal them using some affordable leak repair kits that are available in most home improvement stores; fixing the leaks in time ensures that you dont have to call for expensive HVAC repairs a little later.

Call a specialist: Always make sure that your system is inspected by an expert HVAC contractor in Las Vegas at least once a year. You will make sure that they clean the machines ducts and because the job is complicated, you cannot do it on your own. A highly specialized HVAC repairs expert has the skill and knowledge to clean the ducts and see to it that the entire machine is working optimally.

Cover the compressor: The compressor needs to remain covered during winter. There are many affordable air conditioner covers that you will find in your local home improvement store. This keeps the compressor protected against rain and snow that fall during winter. There are a number of HVAC installation companies that actually provide covers during installation but since they are affordable, you can make the small investment and keep your AC going for longer.


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