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Donald Trump – Make America Great Again!! In the book, Trump outlines his vision to “make America great again,” and to breathe new life into the American dream which he says is “dead”. He tackles policy issues including immigration, healthcare, trade and foreign policy. Announcing his bid for the 2016 presidential campaign, he said he was bankrolling himself. He said he was not using the lobbyists. He was not using the donors . . . He is really rich,” he said. He puts his personal fortune at more than $10 billion, and cites his wealth as a reason he should be elected president. In much of his previous books readers have been fascinated by his style of doing business. For example, In Trump: How to Get Rich, the real estate developer has readily offered his wisdom on how to become a billionaire. In other bestsellers he gives advice on how to achieve personal and professional goals. Entrepreneurs and would-be millionaires religiously follow his now-all-too familiar business pearls of wisdom. Interestingly, in his earlier political offering, The America We Deserve, Trump is brutally honest when he admits that as an author people prefer him when he is wearing his business hat rather the political one. Trump’s books have been best sellers as a matter of course. There is no reason why Time To Get Tough: Make America Great Again in which he clearly comes out with all guns blazing to reinforce his political credentials should not prove to be yet another brilliant read – especially for his countrymen and women and others who follow American politics promiscuously. DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK, COPY THIS LINK: Tags: donald trump, donald trump president, Donald trump speech, Donald trump news, who is donald trump, donald trump interview, donald j trump, nbc donald trump, cnn donald trump, GOP, polls, US president, make america great again, donald trump, trump, GOP, polls, CNN GOP debate, donald trump president, trump for president, donaldtrump, Time to Get Tough: Make America Great Again!, Iran, Obama, The Art of the Deal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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