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Donating Historical Collections to the Georgia Historical Society

Donating Historical Collections to the Georgia Historical SocietyBy Paula Wallace

IntroductionAs founder and president of SCAD, the nonprofit, accredited, degree granting Savannah College of Art and Design, with campuses in the US, Europe and Asia, Paula Wallace has had a lasting, positive impact on the communities that SCAD calls home. In 2014, the Governor of Georgia and the Georgia Historical Society (GHS) jointly named Paula Wallace a Georgia Trustee to honor her dedication to the GHS motto, "Not for self, but others."

The Georgia Trustee honor dates to the time of King George III of England, who, in the late 18th century, sent emissaries, or Trustees, to settle Georgia, the new world territory named for him.

Georgia Historical SocietyIn its history, the Georgia Trustee designation has been granted to only two living women, one of whom is Paula Wallace. The other is healthcare pioneer Alana Shepherd.

In addition to the induction of Georgia Trustees, the Georgia Historical Society is the granting authority for the Georgia Historical Marker Program. GHS has erected more than 150 distinctive black and silver markers bearing its seal at historically significant locations across Georgia. GHS is also engaged in a range of educational and outreach programs and recognizes Georgia residents and businesses that have contributed significantly to the history of the state.


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