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IgetlotsofideasinfactIgetthemallthetime.ManyIhaveranwithandmanysitwaitinginmynotebook for the right time to pop out. I had this idea of helping my coaching clients with a book of funny interviewstories(after14yearsinrecruiting,Ihaveplenty).WhenIwrotethemalloutitwasntquiteright, so I shelved the idea for a year. Last summer I was working with Rich DeMatteo and we talked about the idea. He thought it was a good idea and wanted to help me bring the idea out of the notebook for the world to see.

When I dug out my notes and started thinking more about the book, I came up with an interesting twist to my initial idea. I decided to invite some of the great minds in recruiting and career coaching to share their ideas, experiences, and stories. I sent Rich out to pull together a great team of contributors and he did just that!Imsoexcitedaboutthefolkswehaveinthisebook!OurcontributorsarentjustonSocialMediapretendingtobeexperts,theyveconductedhundreds,ifnotthousandsofinterviews,coachedjustasmanyjob seekers, and are successful doing it.

The purpose of this book is to help the job seeker get better and feel more comfortable at interviewing or inspire someone to strike out on his or her own entrepreneurial adventure.

The contributors of this book are more than willing to help. Make sure you read their blogs and books, listen to their advice, and connect with them.

Thank you to all the contributors, I greatly appreciate your time and expertise.

I want to thank all of my business partners and also Cornz (Rich DeMatteo) for helping me bring this idea to life.

Most of all, I want to thank my coaching clientsthatIveworkedwithforthepast5years.Imexcitedforthe future and I look forward to your continued success.

Thanks for reading,



Michael Long Whatisyourrecruitingorcareercoachingbackground? I started in 2004 as an agency-side recruiter and loved it. The funny thing is, when starting out, my future manager originally thought I was too quiet to be a recruiter. Within 2 years, I was running a $5M staffing office. Currently working with Rackspace Hosting, as the Head of Culture Branding.

Howmanyestimatedinterviewshaveyoudone?Iveconductedatleast5,000interviews. Whataresomecommonmistakesthatintervieweesmake?

Allowing background noises, like crying babies or barking dogs during your phone interview. Distracting noises could bother the recruiter and detract from your interview. Your phone interview is the best chance at getting your foot in the door, so take it seriously. The biggest mistake during face-to-face interviews is lack of eye contact. Not looking someone in the eyes shows a lack in confidence and, worse, a potential lack of trustworthiness.

Whathasbeenthemostmemorableinterviewmishap?My candidate was a no show for an interview, then called to reschedule. Later on, I found out what happened to her. On the way to the interview, she and a friend stopped at Dairy Queen where they were carjacked at gunpoint. They were then forced out of the car and into the trunk, where they were driven aroundPhoenixfor24hours!Isaid,NoWaybecauseitsounded too crazy, but she even had the police report. She ended up getting the job!

Whatsyourbiggestinterviewtipforjobseekers?You might get stressed because you feel like you absolutely NEED the job. Realize that not every place will be right for you, so getting any old job can be more hurtful to your career. Find a place where both your skills and personality fit. If you take a job just for the money, you will be unhappy sooner than you can imagine. Consider the people, the environment and theworkyoullbedoingbeforemakingyourselection.

Michael Long serves as the Head of Culture Branding for Rackspace Hosting. In 2008, he took an interest in the use of social media as it applies to the realm and launched his first blog, The Red Recruiter. Michael is married and working towards a degree in Fatherhood with the recent arrival of his daughter Sophie. Follow Michael on Twitter.


Jessica Miller-Merrell

Whatisyourrecruitingorcareercoachingbackground?I have been in Human Resources and the Recruiting industry as a corporate recruiter for 11 years. I currently work on my own as an HR strategist for companies, helping them reach out to jobseekers.

Howmanyestimatedinterviewshaveyoudone?Duringmasshiringtimes,thereweredayswhenIwasdoing20interviewsaday.Iveprobablyconducted25,000 - 30,000 interviews. Whataresomecommonmistakesthatintervieweesmake?

Candidatessometimesdontsoundeager,friendly,orconfidentwhenIvecalledthem.Theycanalsojustbe totally unprepared for my call. Need to always be prepared and pay attention to small details. For example, call me Jessica, not Jennifer.

Whathasbeenthemostmemorableinterviewmishap?The first one I can think of is when I conducted a phone interview and the person was taking a bath. I heard bubbles and water swishing. This was for a District Manager position. The other one was when a woman brought her baby and breast fed during the interview. Not good!


Already have interview questions prepared, and what I mean is have some scenarios in your head that you think they might ask you at the interview. Think of six or seven different scenarios, then record yourself and practice so that you have several possible answers down already.

Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is an author, HR consultant, new media strategist, and author who writes at Blogging4Jobs. Her company, Xceptional HR offers social media strategies, human resources, and recruiting consulting with an eye on digital media. Jessica is the host of Job Search Secrets, an internet television show for job seekers on Sundays at 9 PM EST. She is co-presenting a 4 hour Social Media Bootcamp for HR pre-conference session at the 2011 SHRM National Conference.


Kirk Baumann Whatisyourrecruitingorcareercoachingbackground? Currently work at SIFE as the Director of Career Connections, which includes serving as a Recruitment Consultant. I work with companies to help them plan recruiting activities around our students. Prior to SIFE, I have been in corporate recruiting positions.

Howmanyestimatedinterviewshaveyoudone? 100sofjobinterviewsand1000sofconversationsaroundcareersandjobsearches. Whataresomecommonmistakesthatintervieweesmake? Simply being unprepared and doing little to no research on the company. Sounds simple but it is far too common these days.

Whathasbeenthemostmemorableinterviewmishap?About 7 years ago, an individual showed up with his mother. Yep, his mom! Interview started and his momfollowedhimintotheinterviewroom!Whenwesaid,no,wejustwanttointerviewyoursonandwe dont allow anyone else, she said, I amhere to helphim answer the benefit questions. The kiddidntflinchwhenhismomcameinandheacted like it was normal. It was more shocking than funny and itthreweveryoneoffduringtheinterview!AndNO,hewasnthired.


Clean up your social media profiles and take off anything that can put you in a questionable light in the employerseyes.AlsoremembertoGoogleyourselfandseewhatcomesup.Thebestthingtodoistocreate your network and connect with people at the company. Be sure that you are networking before and after the interview to build good relationships. Social media can be a valuable tool to build this network. Remember, the interview st