dont let it happens

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Translation of a former Power Point presentation.


  • 1. I was sent flowers today!It is neither my birthday nor any other special day

2. We had our first argument last night and he said many cruel things that really offended me.But I know that he is sorry and he did not say them seriously, because he sent me flowers today. 3. 4. Last night he threw me against the wall and began to strike me. It was like a nightmare..., but you wake up of the nightmares and you are sure that it is not real And this morning I got up aching and with blows all over my body... 5. I love you 6. But I know that he is sorry, because he sent me flowers today. And it is not St Valentine's Day or any other special day. 7. Last night hebeat meagain and threatened to kill me. Neither the makeup nor the long sleeves could hide the cuts and the blows thathe gave me this time.I could not go to work today, because I did not want they were noticed. 8. a little 9. very much 10. passionately 11. But I know that he is sorry, because he sent me flowers today. And it was not the Mothers day or any other notable day. 12. Last night he beat me again,but this time it was much worse.If I leave him What am I going to do?What will happen if we run out of money?I am really scared of him!But I depend so much on him that I am also scared of leaving him. 13. with madness 14. But I know he is sorry, Because he sent me flowers today. 15. Toady it is a very special day: It is my funeralday Last night finally he killed me.He beat me to dying.If I had had the courage of leaving him . If I had accepted the professional help...If I had told it to my friends, I wouldnt have been sent flowers today!! 16. 17. nothing 18. Lets react before it is too late 19. Dont let it happens It can also happens to you if .. You are NOT loved if .. If you accept a slap, you .. If you have no reasons... Dontmaltreat .. Dontput up with mistreatment