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systems, and discover the ANDA Medical difference.

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Information management systems sales fuel market



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coca-Koller and the discovery of local anesthesia

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Alright, this is the last time . . .s youre probably aware, during Februarys American Medical Associations conference in Washington D.C., the acting Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services administrator, Marilyn Tavenner, announced that the government would consider extending the Oct. 13 2012 deadline for the upgrade to ICD-10. Since that announcement, the deadline extension has been confirmed, although no firm date has been set. The original deadline of October, 2011 was extended after providers voiced concerns during a public comment period in 2008. Although a second extension provides a welcome relief for practitioners already burdened with a flood of developments delivered by health care reform, one wonders if it would just be better to rip off the Band-Aid now. Yes, more time gives the opportunity to get things in order. But more time also provides the chance for further developments to crop up increasing the burden. I would hope CMS takes a hard look at Europes adoption of ICD-10 to determine how great the benefit would be to our own health care system. As European health care practices have been using ICD-10 for years already, there should be a wealth of information on its return. Obviously, the greater the return, the greater the argument for pushing forward with current deadlines. Conversely, minimal benefit should translate into possibly keeping the Band-Aid on and sticking to other deadlines with bigger payoffs. It should be interesting to watch how this plays out. In other developments to follow, DOTmed Business News is now available as a free app in Apples iTunes Store. Were very proud to offer the magazine to iPad users and we welcome feedback on your experience with our magazine in that digital format. Of course, our print offering will continue to be delivered and in this issue we deliver industry sector reports on endoscopy updates, the evolving OR suite, safer anesthesia delivery devices and the latest on sterilizers. We also reveal the DOTmed 100 for 2012 and have a chat with AORN president Anne Marie Herlehy. As always, feedback, story ideas and any other suggestions are welcome. Until next issue!Sean Ruck Editor-in-Chief DOTmed Business News


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DOTmedbusiness news

I march 2012



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September 26 - 28 Dallas, TX

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TOP STORIES FROM DOTmed ONLINE NEWSBudget battle dj vuLetter from the onLine editorregard. Namely, the new budget contains the same proposed plans for imaging that drew an outcry from radiologists last year: it calls for a bump in the assumed utilization rate (meaning lower Medicare payments to providers) and for doctors to get permission from somebody, probably a radiology benefits manager, before ordering an exam. Just like in 2011, radiologists dont seem happy about the proposals, and the American College of Radiology said itll work to get them stricken from the final budget, which is what happened in the last go-around. It remains to be seen, of course, if the script plays out the same way this time. If you have a news tip or comment, write to me at Nafziger Online Editor DOTmed Business News

Top 10 online stories(from Jan. 17 Feb. 10) Obama FY 13 budget includes imaging cuts, prior authorization CyberKnife arrives in Mexico Nuance talks bringing Watson, Siri-like tech to medicine Not safe X-ray unit sold online leads to FDA investigation Varian books $50 million Russia proton order Medical device user fee deal hailed as game changer PACS market to see double-digit growth AMA happy by ICD-10 delay; HIMSS, not so much McKesson acquires peerVue GOP freshmen take aim at med device tax

hile the most-read story over the past 30 days is not a repeat, you should still be able to recognize it. Thats because its about the fiscal year 2013 federal budget, which is similar to the 2012 federal budget, covered in these pages last year, in one important

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DOTmedbusiness news

I march 2012

ExclusivE contEnt uPDAtED DAilY At

Proposed federal budget includes imaging cuts, prior authorization schemehe Obama administrations proposed $3.8 trillion federal budget for fiscal 2013 includes a Medicare requirement that would make doctors get prior authorization before ordering an advanced imaging test. It also could slash millions in reimbursements to doctors, as it proposes lowering payments for advanced imaging equipment to account for higher levels of utilization. The rapid growth in the number and intensity of imaging services over the last decade raises concerns about whether these services are being used appropriately, said a budget outline