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<p>DOUGH MOULDER</p> <p>DOUGH MOULDERBY,R.KEERTHANA PRIYA,BTM 11008</p> <p>DEFINITIONDough moulders are equipments used for making desirable shapes of the food products made from dough.There are plenty numbers of dough moulders.</p> <p>THE DOUGH MOULDERS ARE DESIGNED TO:</p> <p>High volume productionConsistent products every timeEasily adjusts for a variety of ProductsErgonomic design makes it easy to operate and cleanAn ideal machine for limited counter space</p> <p>DIFFERENT DOUGH MOULDED FOOD PRODUCTS</p> <p>ROTARY MOULDERRotary moulder</p> <p>ROTARY MOULDED FOOD PRODUCTS</p> <p>BREAD MOULDER</p> <p>PIZZA MOULDER</p> <p>PIZZA </p> <p>DOUGHNUT MOULDER</p> <p>DOUGHNUT MOULDER</p> <p>DOUGHNUT </p> <p>CONCLUSIONThere are variety of foods which are being moulded , here these are the few moulder used in food industriesDough moulders reduces timeEfficient in production</p> <p>Thank u..</p>