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  1. 1. Dove In Twice Jan Bak
  2. 2. What Do The Lords Mean By Standard Of Living What exactly would a 10% change mean in this case?
  3. 3. The Consumer Society Lady Liberty Can Get Greedy About Going Downtown She Says: Do It Again!
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  6. 6. Cancer Sticks & Dancer Tricks
  7. 7. The Homie From The Brickyard One time I went to church on a Sunday with my homie and his familyafter mass when we were leaving out of the parking lot, his dad started to play with his moms hair and she quickly slapped his hand to stop him thats when my homie said: John, this is why you dont have a dad
  8. 8. Money Is The I$$ue My Left & Right Hand, Michael Jordan/ With A Few Friends Im Disappointed/ Charge It To The Game, Call It J.P. Morgan
  9. 9. Warm Holiday Vibes All Year Round